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LaserSoft® QuickMap 3D®


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LaserSoft® QuickMap 3D®

Crash and Crime Scene Mapping Software that's Simple, Powerful and Flexible


QuickMap 3D® (QM3D) field data collection software gives investigators the flexibility needed for crash and crime scene mapping. It’s a simple yet powerful program that easily integrates with Laser Tech (LTI) laser devices and mapping accessories. Specifically designed to be intuitive so more time can be spent mapping rather than training.

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Crime, crash and arson investigators can utilize all the benefits of LaserSoft® QuickMap 3D® with purpose-built functionality and workflow making mapping a scene even more efficient.

QuickMap 3D provides field data collection of your mapping workflow and is compatible with the following laser rangefinders:

  • TruPulse® 200x – ideal for longer range and superb target acquisition for crash scene mapping.
  • TruSpeed® Sxb – adds speed measurement to the range and acquisition capability of the 200X.

Start your map with GPS and reference your MapStar® TruAngle® with compass feature. Overlay your data onto a street or satellite background map and change the point color for best results.

Complete your mapping solution with a CAD diagramming program offered by LTI – OR use the diagramming program that you already have. Our mapping solutions get you from the field to the courtroom in a straightforward, cost-effective, and professional way.

Key Features

Collect Field Data Your Way with QuickMap 3D

QM3D is adaptable to any crash or crime scene with specialized mapping techniques for any situation or equipment assembly.

Baseline Offset:
Occupy the roadside and measure all features at a 90° angle.

Range Triangulation:
Occupy the feature and measure to the same two remote targets.

Radial with Angle:
Occupy any safe location and measure features at any angle.

Include Photos with Measurement Data

QM3D organizes your photos of a scene to match up with your data set. Photos are automatically named by file name, point number and note and one or more photos can be named for each data point. Insert images into CAD with perfect alignment to enhance your 3D diagrams.

Review & Edit Points & Features

Easily review the coordinates and notes associated with each collected data point with the Point Detail feature. Be confident that the point you measured is the correct one before you leave the site. Edit any points, review raw measurements for each point, and view all the measurement values in a tabular format.


Android™ iPhone® and iPad®
Operating Systems Android™:

Android Version 8-10*


iOS Version 8.1 or later*

Supported Devices Android™:

Most smart devices running Android 8-10*

* check app stores for latest compatibility


Most smart devices running iOS 8.1 or later*

* check app stores for latest compatibility

Connectivity Android™:

Bluetooth® (BLE)


Bluetooth® (BLE)

Compatible Lasers Android™:

TruSpeed Sxb with/without TruAngle

TruPulse 200X with /without TruAngle



Supported Languages Android™:

English; template is available for translation


English; template is available for translation