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TruPulse® 200X Mapping Kit


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TruPulse® 200X Mapping Kit

Rugged and waterproof


The TruPulse® 200X, a rugged and waterproof laser rangefinder used with LaserSoft® QuickMap 3D® mapping app for crash and crime scene reconstruction. Kits are outlined below.

Overview Primary Applications Key Features


The TruPulse 200X is equipped with 7x optics, in-scope LED data display. Bluetooth® communication (compatible with iPhone® and iPad®) and a serial port for data transfer are also standard for this unit which runs on 1 CR123 battery.


Range – Range Mapping Kit

The 200X can be used alone in the Baseline Offset and Range Triangulation methods by taking two shots to control points to place the evidence on the map.

Build this kit:

– Laser rangefinder

– Bipod and staff, and laser mounting bracket

– Tablet, tablet mounting hardware, and software license


Radial with Angle Kit

Simplify the workflow further by combining the 200X with the MapStar® TruAngle® encoder, and perform single-shot positioning of evidence points with the Radial with Angle mapping method.

Build this kit:

– Laser rangefinder

– Angle encoder

– Tripod, laser mounting bracket, prism and pole, and accessories

– Tablet, mounting hardware, and software license

Primary Applications

Key Features

Set up in seconds and start mapping within minutes

Shutting down roadways is expensive and carries the dangerous risk of secondary crashes; time is always of the essence. This stand-alone complete mapping system complements the tools and workflows in your crash scene mapping toolbox.

Reflectorless technology eliminates the need for a prism

With limits on manpower and budget, there cannot always be a second person to assist at a scene. Laser Tech’s reflectorless technology will allow for the first reconstructionist at the scene to start the scene mapping and get the road back open as soon as possible.

Use control points to stitch together large scenes and create reference points for drones

Laser Tech equipment also serves as a complement to the other pieces of equipment used by your department. Use control points to stitch together large scenes and to create reference points for drones or robots.