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TS MapStar® TruAngle®


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TS MapStar® TruAngle®

Angle Encoder


This angle encoder precisely measures horizontal angles – enabling 3D measurements with your laser for mapping.

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The MapStar® TruAngle® precisely calculates a turned horizontal angle that can be referenced to any desired point or direction. When integrated with the TruSpeed Sxb laser you can capture X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping and surface modeling. The smaller, light-weight design, and intuitive user interface make the TruAngle an attractive alternative mapping accessory.

When mounted on a tripod, the TruAngle angle encoder is capable of producing ± 0.05 degrees in angular accuracy. A built-in mechanical bubble assists with leveling it correctly and a friction lock mechanism helps you take more precise measurements. All the angular values can be clearly seen, day or night, with the easy to read numbers and backlit LCD.

Anyone can take the lead in capturing accurate field data with the intuitive user interface. It’s as simple as leveling the device, aiming towards a point or direction and setting the initial angle value to zero. All the data collected thereafter is simply referenced from that initial predetermined direction. The laser measurements go through the TruAngle angle encoder and then automatically outputs your 3D coordinates directly into a data collector or smart device compatible with our own LaserSoft® QuickMap 3D® field data collection software.

The modular design of our products allow you to use the laser as a standalone unit while performing speed enforcement. The simplicity of using the TruAngle with the lidar unit makes this system ideal for small departments and a great alternative to using a total station.

Key Features

Ideal for Small Departments

The TruAngle setup enhances your LTI laser rangefinder with all the accuracy and functionality of a total station. THis is your new “go-to” mapping package for crash and crime scenes.

Simple Interface = Less Time and Effort

Operates easily with a simple two button interface. Safely and efficiently get the road clear and running again.

Decreased Field Time

Integrates seamlessly with the TruSpeed Sxb laser rangefinder and provides industry leading angular accuracy. Make efficient use of your manpower at the scene, our reflectorless technology enables one-person operation.

Simplify Your Connections

The MapStar TruAngle uses a Bluetooth® Encoder Loop feature compatible with the TruSpeed Sxb laser rangefinder. Eliminate a cable while adding the horizontal angle measurement to your data string.


The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Laser Tech is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


Angle Range

0 to 359.99°

Angle Accuracy (Mounted)

+ 0.05 degrees


(2) AA Batteries, up to 8 hours use


RS 232, NMEA