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Traffic Safety Software Solutions

From mobile apps that collect measurements in the field to desktop applications for analyzing your data.

How LTI’s Software Solutions Measure Up:

Laser Tech (LTI) has developed a variety of software products to help provide our customers with a full data collection solution. From mobile apps designed to help users collect easy and accurate measurements in the field to desktop applications made for analyzing your data, we have a wide range of laser applications supported.

  • Collect measurements quickly and safely.
  • Connect to your laser wirelessly.
  • Operate easily with a simple interface.

All LaserSoft® app solutions come with a full-featured 30-day free trial period. Apps that require licensing have a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.

LaserSoft® QuickMap 3D®

Crash Scene Mapping Software that’s Simple, Powerful and Flexible

Our Quick Map 3D field data collection software gives investigators the flexibility they need for crash and crime scene mapping. It’s a simple yet powerful program that easily integrates with Laser Tech (LTI) laser devices and mapping accessories. Specifically designed to be intuitive so more time can be spent mapping rather than training.

LaserSoft® SpeedCapture App

Capture and Store Traffic Violations with Photos.

Used by law enforcement agencies and private speed management companies around the world, LaserSoft® SpeedCapture combines precision speed and range data from the TruSpeed® Sxb laser with an embedded image to create an enforcement record that can be saved and shared.

LaserSoft® SpeedStat PC

Speed Assessment and Spot Surveys Made Simple.

Take speed measurements one step further with statistical data collection software that integrates with our LTI 20/20 speed devices for quick and accurate speed assessments. Use laser measurement technology for speed assessments, vehicle counting, or to conduct spot surveys in problem areas.