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Laser Speed Enforcement

The use of lasers or lidar (light detection and ranging)
for speed enforcement is becoming the standard
for law enforcement departments worldwide


Laser Tech’s lidar speed equipment design is driven by the demands of real world needs – easy to use, lightweight, and durable. With more vehicles on the road than ever before and multi-lane highways everywhere, enforcing the speed limit accurately and efficiently is an absolute must.

Speeding (a form of aggressive driving) contributes to approximately one-third of all fatal crashes in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). We are committed to helping law enforcement agencies save lives by enforcing the speed limit and reducing aggressive driving. Our laser tools such as the LTI 20/20 TruVISION photo and video lidar or the LTI 20/20 TruSpeed® Sxb laser speed measurement and mapping device are catching the speed violators and improving safety on highways all over the world.

Every LTI 20/20 lidar device has pinpoint targeting, the only effective way to enforce speeds within multi-lane traffic. Our laser’s beam is approximately 3 feet wide when it reaches a distance of 1000 feet. This precision enables officers to visually identify a speeding vehicle, pinpoint its exact location on the roadway, and then confirm its precise speed.

Split-second measurements are the norm for our lidar lasers, rendering radar and lidar detectors useless. Our lidar lasers take measurements within 0.3 seconds, so by the time a driver can react to the lidar detector alarm, you will already have the speed reading captured. Unfortunately for laser jammer users, LTI 20/20 lasers still capture a measurement and also will indicate that a jammer was used.


Have the confidence that your speed enforcement data will stand up in court.

Our laser speed guns have exclusive Accuracy Validation firmware, ensuring the accuracy of every speed measurement before displaying a lidar reading in the device. These measurements stand up in court and make the LTI 20/20 line the most dependable speed measurement devices.

Download the LTI 20/20 Traffic Safety Product Solutions Brochure.

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