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Executive Bios

David Williams

Chief Executive Officer

“Teamwork and empowerment have helped achieve our Company’s goals throughout the years.”

David founded the Company’s core business in 1985. After completing his bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in Finance, he pioneered Laser Technology’s vision to where it is today. David’s passion is new product innovations serving diverse markets, and he continuously strives to develop and promote new products that increase safety and proficiency in the many markets that LTI serves.

David creates a family-oriented team atmosphere where every employee has the opportunity to make significant contributions to the overall goals and objectives of the Company. His business principles include surrounding himself with bright, talented people and empowering them to make solid decisions best serving LTI’s customers.



Jeremy Dunne

Chief Technology Officer

“I approach every product with effective design methodologies, along with our engineering team, which result in the best design solutions for our customers.”

Jeremy has been with Laser Tech since its inception 35 years ago. He joined the LTI team soon after graduating from Cambridge University. He is the innovator of the Company’s worldwide product portfolio, as well as the catalyst for the Company’s commitment to and unparalleled understanding of laser measurement, and the many different applications our products serve. The markets we serve ask for the impossible, and Jeremy delivers no matter how technically difficult.

Jeremy is the inventor behind over sixty patents issued to LTI, and his efforts are focused on real-world challenges that can benefit from the measurement solutions he designs.



Eric A. Miller

President & Chief Operating Officer

“It is exciting to continually develop new products which make our customer’s lives safer and more efficient.”

Eric joined the Company in 1988, a short time after its inception. Eric is the “Go-To” guy, and oversees numerous operational activities which include Engineering, Manufacturing, Service and IT. Holding a BS in Electronics Engineering & Technology from the DeVry Institute of Technology, Eric’s personal expertise and passion are in engineering and new product development.

Eric’s motivation and innovation have been major elements in helping make Laser Technology what it is today. He believes that many key factors have helped drive the Company and contributed to its success. First and foremost is the LTI family: “We couldn’t be successful without our team going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. LTI’s dedication to our dealers and end-customers, and our continuous product innovation efforts are key factors that I believe contribute to our sustained success.”



Pamela Sevy

Chief Financial Officer

“LTI is a unique company which is evident by our strong employee tenure and long term relationships with our customers and vendors.”

Pamela joined the Company in 1987. Pamela oversees the company’s financial and administrative activities. She works with the executive management team to develop and manage the organization’s long-term growth strategies and financial goals.

Pamela believes that LTI endeavors to provide a quality work environment which fosters integrity, teamwork and growth opportunity for its employees. She takes pride in delivering superior products and value to LTI customers through consistent new product innovations and strong customer service.



Roosevelt Rogers

Chief Revenue Officer

“We work to deliver solutions to our diverse markets that allow our customers to do their jobs quicker, safer, and more efficiently. LTI is always listening to our customers.”

Roosevelt joined LTI in 1996. Roosevelt graduated from the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy and Georgia State Patrol Academy, which led him to being a decorated trooper on the Georgia State Patrol. His combined 25 years of involvement in law enforcement and serving the law enforcement industry is a testament to his knowledge and commitment to providing the right products for our customers to protect citizens on our roadways. Roosevelt is always seeking ways our products can solve other real world problems, in other industries and around the globe.

In addition to his impeccable professional history, Roosevelt is actively involved in the community. He is an active member of Angel Flight, which arranges free air transportation for charitable and medical needs. He also serves as an active sponsor for cadets in the US Air Force Academy. Roosevelt is a sustaining member with the Association of the US Army and an Associate Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.



Chris Budden

Vice President of Operations

“It is exciting to interact daily with, and provide support to all LTI departments, helping them to excel in achieving our collective goals supportive of our customer needs and company vision.”

Chris began working at LTI in 2008. Chris completed his BSBA in Management from Regis University in Denver, Colorado in 1994. Beginning his career with Pentax Corporation, Chris managed and directed various key departments including Customer Service, Inventory Management, Distribution, Import/Export and other Technical support areas over 23 years.

Chris sees his role as an integral member of the Laser Tech team contributing to its current success, vision and growth using his accumulated 30+ years of business operations experience. Focusing on customer support, manufacturing, distribution, information technologies, and inventory management, Chris seeks to build a true team-environment by providing support to all areas of Laser Tech’s operation.