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Non-Contact Laser Sensors

Accurately measure distances to a wide variety of targets and materials.

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TruSense® S200 Series

Solid Target Sensor


TruSense® S300 Series

Liquid Level Sensor


Measurably Superior

Verify levels, proximities & distances

Accurate Measurement to Difficult Objects

Laser Tech (LTI) laser sensors measure, detect, count, trigger and profile.  Systems Integrators, End-Users and OEMs make use of LTI’s laser sensors for a wide variety of uses and applications.  LTI sensor applications are wide ranging: from level-measurement of solids & liquids, to proximity and detection applications that cross many industries such as materials handling, security, mining, power generation, metals processing, ship docking, and unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs).

Leveraging over 35 years of expertise in laser design and manufacturing, LTI brings to bear over 80 patents (and counting).  Due to sophisticated algorithms and superior hardware design and manufacturing, LTI’s laser sensors excel in the key areas of target discrimination, target acquisition and target extraction. These concepts are what gives LTI’s laser sensors a real advantage: their ability to accurately measure to a difficult target, regardless of its reflective properties.

As a result, LTI laser sensors offer superior performance when compared with other non-contact sensors.

How LTI laser sensors measure up:

  • Easily identifies difficult targets such as liquids, non-reflective materials and fast moving objects.
  • Makes non-contact and non-intrusive measurements without the need for frequent calibration or maintenance.
  • Recognizes small solid targets at long distances, within narrow openings and from sharp angles.
  • Performs under temperature variations, background noise, vapor pressure and low dielectric or acoustically absorbing materials.

All LTI laser sensors are rated Class 1 eye safe.  They are available in a variety of formats: RS-232, 4-20mA and SDI-12.


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