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Non-Contact Laser Sensors

Laser Tech (LTI) laser sensors are non-contact, allowing you to measure a distance to a target or material without the need to physically be in contact with the material it is measuring. Non-contact sensors usually require less maintenance, and offer more mounting flexibility than contact sensors. LTI sensors will also return an accurate measurement to more difficult targets, including most liquids and solids.

Key benefits to LTI’s infrared laser sensors are: fast data rates, small beam footprint, and ability to range over longer distances, multiple target detection, and measurements to most solid surfaces and targets that are independent of incident angle.

All laser sensors from Laser Tech are eye safe and highly configurable allowing the user to optimize and customize the measurement performance to meet demanding conditions easily, safely, reliably and inexpensively. Where other measurement alternatives fall short, LTI’s non-contact, pulse-laser technology rises to the challenge.


TruSense® Laser Sensors

Small, light, and high performance laser sensors – ideal for most projects.

TruSense® S200 Series Laser Sensors

Solid target sensors designed for level measurement, detection, and positioning.

TruSense® S200 Series

TruSense® S300 Series Laser Sensors

The ultimate sensors engineered to measure fluids without contact.

TruSense® S300 Series

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Industrial Laser Sensor FAQs

Have questions? We have answers!

Laser Sensor FAQs

TruSense S330 Wet-Well Evaluation

Bubbler level sensor's performance vs TruSense S330 laser level sensor.

TruSense S330 Wet-Well Evaluation