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Speed Assessments / Spot Surveys

Make collected statistics a lot easier and far more
reliable than other methods

Collecting speed statistics is as easy as pulling the trigger on your laser.

Using laser measurement technology for speed assessments, vehicle counting or to conduct spot surveys in problem areas make collecting statistics a lot easier and far more reliable than other methods. Our LaserSoft® SpeedStat software is a quick and easy solution to record traffic statistics and integrates seamlessly with LTI 20/20 laser speed devices. Quickly respond to complaints about a particular problem area without any extra set-up.

If you require high volume traffic data and want to collect it automatically, we have an automated speed sensor with an adjustable range that filters out any interference outside your predetermined distances.

Download the LTI 20/20 Traffic Safety Product Solutions Brochure.


Deputy Sheriff Tim Entner of Ramsey County, NM was recently asked to follow up on a community complaint about excessive speeding through a residential area. Entner decided to try a new speed statistic software program, LaserSoft® SpeedStat, which integrates with his LTI 20/20 UltraLyte speed laser. Every time the speed laser fires, the speed, time and direction of the vehicle is recorded in the software.

In the past, Entner used counting tubes to collect traffic counts and speeds, which required tubes to be nailed down into asphalt. This caused limitations as to where the tubes could be installed. In some cases, this also defeated the purpose of capturing an accurate speed assessment, due to traffic slowing down after seeing the tubes ahead.


“SpeedStat allows me to collect traffic statistics anytime, anywhere—without any setup time.”


“SpeedStat allows me to collect traffic statistics anytime, anywhere—without any setup time,” Tim Entner explains. “I also like how I am physically there, collecting the data, because it makes me more confident about the accuracy of the data I’m collecting.” During a 2-hour period, Entner was able to collect 364 vehicle speeds, using the SpeedStat program.

Reports and graphs were then created from the spot assessment and submitted to the city council and manager along with the recommended speed limit. After witnessing the traffic flow of the area and evaluating the collected statistics, Entner actually recommended raising the speed limit from 20 mph to 25 mph. Entner also reported that he uses SpeedStat as a log sheet for court testimony when he actively pulls over vehicles for speeding.

Download the LaserSoft SpeedStat Software Brochure.

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