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Traffic Safety Solutions

Laser Technology offers a wide range of laser-based products for Law Enforcement agencies for everything from speed enforcement to crash scene investigations.


Handheld Speed Guns

Speeding is a leading cause of crashes and deaths on our highways. We are proud to develop technology that deters habitual violators from speeding and help save lives. Equip your department with handheld lidar units that can pinpoint a particular vehicle in dense traffic.

Laser Tech Mapping Kits

A scene that is very large and complex or within extreme terrain could prevent the use of conventional measurement tools or mapping methods. With this in mind, our field software is equipped with three mapping technique choices. The scene can sometimes dictate which technique will be the most effective for you. We have several mapping kits to choose from.

Traffic Safety Software Solutions

Laser Tech has developed a variety of software products to help provide our customers with a full data collection solution. From mobile apps to collect measurements in the field to desktop applications for analyzing your data, we have a wide range of laser applications supported.