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Our Passion

We believe you can do your job quickly and safely without
ever compromising accuracy or quality.

People depend on you getting the job done right, no matter
what industry you work in. If you’re in traffic safety, contracting,
or are an industrial integrator our tools and apps reliably deliver
the accuracy you need.

Our Purpose

Our team of engineers thrive on solving tough problems. Our start as pioneers in laser-based measurement products by creating a solution for in-flight de-icing has allowed us to introduce the world’s first commercial laser speed measuring device, provide the first timber cruising hand-held total station, create a custom space station docking system for NASA, and be the only laser measurement devices on the market that are integrated with TruVector 360° Compass Technology. Our industrial sensor for liquid level measurement is able to reliably measure clear liquids in either quiet or turbulent environments.


Our mission is equipping professionals with smart measurement solutions to create a safer world.

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Our Projects

After getting our start in 1985, the U.S. government reached out to Laser Tech looking for a measurement solution for in-flight de-icing exercises. That is when we designed lasers that that could accurately measure distances between two planes in-flight for their de-icing exercises. NASA was then looking for technology that could measure both distances and speeds for space docking missions. We applied for the contract and won it.

Soon after, Bushnell Optics approached us looking for a low cost rangefinder design for golf and hunting. We took the challenge head-on and designed the first low-cost recreational rangefinder.

Knowing there was more our technology could do to simplify the jobs of professionals while saving lives on roadways throughout the world, we developed the first commercial laser speed enforcement tool for the law enforcement community. In addition, professional measurement users enjoyed our rugged, reliable, and dependable hand-held reflectorless total station that eventually began the GPS laser offset craze which is still active today.

Our laser measurement sensors are used in industrial applications: reliably obtaining accurate distances, levels, positions and counts. These lasers are highly configurable and easily integrated into new or existing systems. Our industrial sensors are integrated into wide range of applications including flight safety systems, food processing, and wastewater treatment.

We set the standard for accuracy in laser measurement for our partners and continue to design and manufacture innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments, using ISO compliant and continuous improvement techniques. We maintain an intense focus on providing laser measurement technologies to equip professionals with smart measurement solutions to create a safer world.

Our Connection

Whether you are a customer, one of our world-wide distributors, or just someone interested in lasers, we are committed to providing superior customer service.

Let us know what problems we can solve for you!