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From verifying school ground limits to pre-fire planning,
Laser Tech has the tools to safely take measurements quickly and easily.


Besides speed enforcement, crash, and crime scene investigation, our lidar lasers prove to be useful in additional situations specific to fire departments and investigations:

  • Basic measurements and full 3D mapping capabilities.
  • Position fire trucks to optimize water distribution.
  • Post-fire mapping and documentation.
  • Pre-fire planning and inspections.

Download the Crash and Crime Scene Mapping Brochure.



HAZMAT operational activities include compliance, incident inspections and investigations. These types of tasks require detailed position measurements in the field and due to the hazardous material; you do not have the luxury to occupy particular areas.

This is why the use of reflectorless measurement technology is so important. Our lasers and mapping systems allow HAZMAT to map and investigate hazardous spill sites, from safe distances.

In addition to HAZMAT situations, our technology assists those called into action by natural disasters. Among PC-based GIS, however, there are a myriad of possibilities among hardware and software combinations. Again, the system to choose should be simple and accurate and must fit the technical constraints of the agency. It is wise to start with a modest system such as those offered in the Laser Tech product line.


Public Safety Applications:

  • Sheriff departments
  • First responders
  • Building inspectors
  • Homeland security
  • Fire departments
  • Tactical
  • Traffic officers
  • Telecommunications specialists

Download the LaserSoft QuickMap 3D Brochure.

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