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Mapping Kits

Complete systems for any size department.

Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

Your department’s size, training time and changing personnel are all contributing factors when deciding what to buy for your investigation team. Minimal training is required with Laser Tech (LTI) mapping packages, so changes in personnel are not a problem: the short learning curve gets your new investigator up to speed quickly. LTI can provide complete systems for any size department. Our solutions supply the necessary accuracy, simple and fast workflows, getting you from the field to the courtroom easily.

Combine one of our lasers together with the LaserSoft® QuickMap 3D® mapping app. The TruPoint™ 300, the TruSpeed® Sxb, and the TruPulse® 200X each will provide your department with a complete indoor/outdoor incident mapping solution.


Outdoor Scenes

A scene that is very large and complex or within extreme terrain could prevent the use of conventional measurement tools or mapping methods. With this in mind, our field software is equipped with three mapping technique choices. The scene can sometimes dictate which technique will be the most effective for you.

LaserSoft QuickMap 3D, designed for crash investigators, is now available for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™. Mapping a crash scene is easier and more efficient than ever before. With your TruSpeed Sxb or TruPulse 200X, this provides a total solution for your crash mapping needs with a high degree of accuracy.


Indoor Scenes

One of our latest mapping solutions has the TruPoint™ 300 taking the lead as the laser rangefinder and angle encoder all-in-one. With its overall small size and lightweight nature, when combined with the same QuickMap 3D app, this laser becomes a total solution for the both the crash and crime scene investigators. The visible laser in this unit, and ability to work within short distances and cramped spaces, provides accuracy for the crime scene investigator wanting both accuracy in their reporting while not disrupting chain of custody for their evidence.


Crush Analysis

The additional feature of on-screen viewing for the TruPoint 300 allows a crash investigator to get right to the evidence points when performing crush analysis.



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