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Professional Measurement

Solutions for you to safely position yourself and capture remote data away from areas that are too dangerous.

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TruPulse® 200i

Enhanced with improved accuracy and simplified operation – making this your must have tool!

TruPulse® 200i

TruPulse® 360i

Bring this rugged and waterproof rangefinder with you anywhere and capture 3D data with TruVector® 360° Compass Technology.

TruPulse® 360i

TruPulse® L2

Measures slope distance and inclination and calculates horizontal distance, vertical distance, height and 2D missing line values.

TruPulse® L2

Innovation for Professionals

Measure More. Move Less.

Laser Tech’s reflectorless measurement technology is used for a wide range of professional field data collection applications. Instantly capture additional attribute info such as distance, azimuth, height, width, depth, clearance, or slope grade values that are important to your project. The TruPulse® laser rangefinder field measurement tools easily integrate with GIS field apps and GNSS devices for a more efficient asset collection workflow.

Our lightweight and rugged laser rangefinders are an ideal measurement tool for professional measurement applications such as:

Be LaserGIS® Ready

Integrate a laser rangefinder and an electronic compass (providing distance, inclination, and azimuth) with your GIS data collection system and eliminate the need to occupy every point physically. Reduce the time and risk involved in gathering field data with laser offsets.

Also, with the TruPulse 360i’s 5-power magnification and long-range capabilities, there is no target out of reach. The less you move, the more you save in time and resources. Our reflectorless technology will pay for itself by the time you complete your first GIS project.

Check out our Professional Measurement Product Solutions brochure for key features and specifications.

Get Detailed Measurements in Seconds

All Laser Tech’s (LTI’s) products are designed to give you the knowledge you need in a matter of seconds. How far is that vegetation from that power line? What are the GPS coordinates of that manhole cover? How much clearance do I have under that bridge? LTI laser field measurement tools can easily give you the answers.

Use our tools to measure:

  • Area – It takes either a point of reference or a compass bearing to calculate an area of land. Regardless of how you want to calculate an area, LTI has the solution.
  • Azimuth – horizontal direction expressed as the angular distance between the direction of a fixed point (as the observer’s heading) and the direction of the object.
  • Clearance – Measure a clearance value for vegetation management, clearance under a bridge, or any distance between 2 remote points.
  • Diameter – A specific application for the 2D missing line routine. Stand where you want and obtain diameter measurements in a matter of seconds.
  • Distance – With a built-in tilt sensor, our lasers can then measure slope distance as well as calculate horizontal and vertical distance.
  • Elevation – The ability to calculate vertical distance.
  • Height – All of LTI’s laser rangefinders that include a tilt sensor have the ability to calculate height with a simple 3-shot routine.
  • Horizontal angles – This calculation is possible when you integrate any of LTI’s laser rangefinders with a MapStar TruAngle. Calculate the horizontal angle up to 359.9 degrees in either direction.
  • Position – Combine horizontal distance with an azimuth coordinate to provide precise positioning data. integrate with GPS and remotely collect the location coordinates of another feature without ever having to occupy that point.
  • Sag Profile – Measure the sag of multiple power lines and then calculate tension values.
  • Profile Rock Face – Accurately measure a rock face and provide in-field calculations for blasting parameters that involve bench heights, drill hole angles, optimum burdens.
  • Span / Widths – Using LTI lasers that have an integrated compass, this is a quick 2-shot routine that calculates the results instantly and displays all the different values simply by pressing the up or down button after the measurement is complete.
  • Slope / Grade – The 2D Missing Line Routine is an onboard calculation displaying results instantly. The different values are viewed simply by pressing the up or down button after the measurement is complete.
  • Slope Percentage – The 2D Missing Line Routine is an onboard calculation displaying results instantly. The different values are viewed simply by pressing the up or down button after the measurement is complete.
  • Volume – A quick, safe, and affordable solution to determine stockpile volumes.
  • 2D Missing Line – The 2D result can be displayed in either percent slope or degree of inclination and equates to the slope distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance as well as the inclination value from the first measured target to the second measured target.
  • 3D Missing Line – The 3D result equates to the slope distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance, and inclination as well as the azimuth value from the first measured target to the second measured target.

Professional Measurement Products

We offer a wide range of professional measurement products that address the variety of measurement needs you may encounter:

Industry Leading Technology

Choose Laser Tech, and you’ll benefit from the best professional field measurement tools available. We have the solutions and the technology to help you get the measurements you need quickly, easily, and safely. We also specialize in tilt and compass sensors, allowing you to measure heights and azimuth bearings.

Our laser rangefinders are designed to meet real-world demands:

  • Field-tested, durable, and weather resistant
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Easily integrates with other smart technology

Incorporate your laser rangefinder into your existing workflow to create your own laser measuring system. We connect with most field data collectors and GIS/GNSS receivers with a simple Android app.

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