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Professional Measurement Solutions

Quickly collect, organize, and report measurements with our easy-to-use, cost-effective Android or iOS-based smart-device apps.

Capture, Save, and Send Your Measurement Data

Simplify your field documentation with these app solutions. Document every measurement you take, use your measurements in calculations, and add images to support your documentation. Each app is designed to streamline your workflow: from the most basic LaserSoft® Measure App to the highly sophisticated LaserSoft MapSmart app for GIS offset mapping.

All LaserSoft® app solutions come with a full-featured 30-day free trial period. Apps that require licensing have a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.

LaserSoft MapSmart

Field data collection app for Android devices and Apple iPad is designed for anyone who needs to quickly and accurately map, measure, or position anything.

LaserSoft Joint Pole

Use your Android mobile device to record your TruPulse® measured utility pole characteristics: height, span, sag, and clearance values. Export your data in an analysis-ready file.

LaserSoft Pole Audit for O-Calc

A seamless integration between TruPulse® products and the O-Calc® software. Use Pole Audit within Osmose’s O-Calc® Pro to update pole configuration files with laser-measured data and export newly detailed records.

LaserSoft Conductor Clearance

Measure the clearance and height of conductor wires using your Android mobile device.

LaserSoft Sag Profiler

Easy-to-use system that can be operated from a safe location using an Android mobile device. measure the span, sag, and tension of conductor wires, and export the data to use in your visualization software.

LaserSoft Tape Drop

Use your TruPulse® rangefinder to measure antenna heights while climbing towers. Point and shoot to automatically record measurements into forms hosted on your preferred Android™ mobile device and leave outdated methods in the past.

LaserSoft Service Drop

Use your TruPulse® rangefinder to measure utility wire drops, distances, and clearances. Use your Android mobile device to record your TruPulse® measured utility pole characteristics: height, span, sag, and more.

LaserSoft Face Profiler

Use the Face Profiler system for Android mobile devices to meet the challenges that blast design professionals encounter when managing our natural resources.

LaserSoft Measure App

Easily record, save, and share your TruPulse® laser rangefinder measurements with your phone or tablet. Our Measure app works with your device’s camera and saves photos alongside your measurements in your project.