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LaserSoft® Pole Audit for O-Calc®

Field data collection app for electric utility professionals.

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LaserSoft® Pole Audit for O-Calc®


A seamless integration between TruPulse® products and the O-Calc® software. Use Pole Audit within Osmose’s O-Calc® Pro to update pole configuration files with laser-measured data and export newly detailed records.

SKU: 3210024

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Pole Audit for O-Calc® is a field data collection program that Electric Utility professionals and their contractors use to measure their pole loading analysis and make-ready engineering information. The app is designed specifically for users of Osmose’s O-Calc® Pro product. Open a pole configuration file, edit it in the field with measures gathered by one of Laser Tech’s TruPulse laser rangefinders, and then export the pole records directly into O-Calc® Pro.

Using the O-Calc® LE plug-in on the desktop, create a customer configuration file for the poles and equipment you will encounter on the job. The Pole Audit for O-Calc® app will read this file and give the user visibility on all the options. Laser Tech’s TruPulse measurement lasers automatically send data into the app, recording attachment heights, spans, sags, and clearances. Each pole is identified, measured, and inspected by filling out a series of information tabs. Once a pole is completed, simply move to the new site, add another pole record, and repeat the process.

When the day’s job is done, the user will find an O-Calc® pole record file has been created for each pole measured. These files are transmitted over to the PC where they can be imported directly into the O-Calc® Pro software for further analysis. Laser Tech’s Pole Audit for O-Calc® is an efficient way to streamlines the field data collection process relating to pole loading analysis, make-ready engineering work, and other aerial inspections.


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Primary Applications

Key Features

One person operation from a safe location

Easy to navigate app for Android™ with intuitive icons

Instantly collect all the data you need in the field

Create reports in minutes, including photos

Compatible with multiple mobile device types

Accompanying hardware is accurate, lightweight, and easy to set up


Operating Systems:


Supported Devices:

Please check the Google Play Store for the latest compatibility



Compatible Hardware:

TruPulse® 200X, TruPulse 200, TruPulse 360R, TruPulse 360
Optional: MapStar® TruAngle®

Supported Languages:

English; template is available for translation