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Mining and Construction

Always know how much you have on hand.

Quickly get the lay of the land without complicated and bulky surveying equipment.

Focus on Safety

Mining applications such as rock face profiling for 2D blast design, stockpile volume measurements, geological mapping, and facility mapping are all critical in making smart management decisions. There are challenges field crews encounter collecting accurate data with traditional methods and equipment. Especially with worker safety, productivity and stringent regulations. The capability to account for inventory, records and locations of assets on demand are necessary in today’s environment.

The Construction applications in the earthmoving “dirt work” sector can vary from grading, site prep and excavating measurements, such as determining a site’s area or verifying percent grade of a slope.

Build verification is another application where one can quickly check that construction has been built to spec by making measurements directly to material. Easily verify that contractor work has been done properly.

Instantly spot check obstructions and overhang clearances to ensure a safe work area. Verify staking marks, or simply collect distance, height and azimuth measurements for material estimations or job parameter requirements with our solutions.

Laser Tech has an array of laser-based measurement tools and app solutions that make these tasks accurate, easier and safer.

Download the Mining and Construction Brochure.



2D Blast Design:

      • Laser profiling is a key component for designing a safe blast with better fragmentation control. Together, the LaserSoft® Face Profiler app and TruPulse® laser rangefinders accurately measure profiles and will minimize fly rock and vibration. Take range measurements directly to a bench face, measure offsets, clearances, and slope grades on roads and faces. The Face Profiler app allows the user to calculate bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, drill hole angles and offsets, hole depths and more—all for the perfect blast! Store all laser measured profiles and provide reports that meet MSHA requirements which can be printed in the field.

Download the Face Profiler Brochure.


Stockpile Volume:

  • Measuring a stockpile volume of aggregate, coal, wood ships, asphalt or any other inventory can be challenging. The LTI’s laser reflectorless technology with the LaserSoft MapSmart app solution is the quickest and safest method available for collecting stockpile volume measurements. A single operator can record volume and weight calculations right in the field without needing to occupy positions on the pile using a prism or GPS pole.
  • Take volume inventory of material in indoor locations that are stored in bins or up against a wall.
  • Measure as often as you want and stay in control of your inventory.
  • Measure to almost any surface without the need of a reflector: aggregate, coal, wood chips, asphalt or anything else you inventory.
  • Collect the data needed from challenging areas quickly safely and accurately.
  • Download the Stockpile Volumes Brochure



Geological Mapping

    • Map a mine’s entire surface; even unreachable high walls, inclines, and inaccessible or dangerous areas.
    • Collect precise measurement data from a safe location with a single operator
    • Calculate the perimeter and area of any boundary
    • Track geologic structures in mine faces and outcrops
    • Verify distances, offsets, heights, and slope grades
    • Download the LaserSoft MapSmart Brochure



Crane Positioning

  • Instantly spot check obstructions and overhang clearances to ensure a safe work area.
  • Quickly determine your crane’s load placement point from one location and easily know your reach-in/up distance
  • Measure boom tip heights and clearances to power lines
  • Download the Professional Measurement Product Solutions Brochure



Site Inspections

    • Locate all facilities within the job site
    • Measure elevations and slope grades
    • Keep up with all the incoming permit requests, verify assets from a safe remote location, and receive precise measurement data
    • Map large work sites quickly and accurately using laser rangefinders and LaserSoft apps



Material Estimation

  • Easily determine what quantities you’ll need for the job and measure your required targets with a few quick shots
  • Add measurements together as you go and have your totals displayed when done
  • Calculate Area and Volume
  • Measure cut and fill
  • Estimating the material needed for a job has never been more simple
  • Download the LaserSoft MapSmart Brochure


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