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TruPulse® Series

Compact, Powerful and Versatile Laser Rangefinders

Reliable, Accurate, Rugged

The TruPulse® earns its reputation of reliability, withstanding the test of time as a result of Laser Tech’s (LTI) dedication to high quality and unmatched innovation. Instantly measure slope distance, inclination angles and azimuth*, calculate horizontal and vertical distance – all with a single push of a button.

These highly sophisticated and easy-to-operate laser rangefinders use our reflectorless technology with TruTargeting performance built into every unit. Users have a choice of four targeting modes with all data values visible inside the sighting scope HUD.

Confidently use this professional line of laser rangefinders, the TruPulse 200i, TruPulse 360i and TruPulse L2 to capture the measurements you need with accuracy and ease.

LTI’s exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology®, a key feature for the TruPulse 360i model, brings added azimuth data measurements which are calibrated to deliver the best possible accuracy for 3D measurements regardless of what pitch or angle you shoot from. No other compass laser rangefinder can do that.

Ultimate Measurability and Mobility

The TruPulse rangefinder is the ultimate tool for professionals in the field, small enough to fit in your vest pocket, lightweight enough to comfortably hang from a neck strap, and packed with all the computing power needed to calculate the measurements you need. All TruPulse models include Laser Tech’s Missing Line Routine feature:

  • The TruPulse 200i, 200x, and L2 Missing Line routine is a 2D vertical measurement. Take 2 shots to remote targets, and calculate the distance & inclination values between those 2 remote targets.
  • The TruPulse 360i has an integrated compass that allows you to measure azimuth which enhances the Missing Line routine. This is a simple 2-shot routine that instantly calculates the distance, inclination and azimuth direction value between any two remote points.

Additionally, all TruPulse laser rangefinders have TruTargeting Technology, giving professionals four targeting modes – Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter – capturing the correct measurement for your intended target. Included on-board solutions calculate a height or clearance value of any target even under the most challenging conditions.

Other routines included:

  • 3-shot Height routine for upright targets like phone poles or buildings, even when the top or base may be obscured,
  • Vertical Distance and Missing Line modes which are perfect for leaning objects such as most trees you encounter, and for clearance values of a wire or bridge over a roadway.

Downloading measurement data is easy using the standard RS232 serial port or wireless communication that is included in these lasers.

These measurements can be used to remotely position a target when integrating with GPS/GNSS receiver or add a height value as an attribute in GIS data collection app.

GPS/GNSS antennas are designed to receive specific signals: the receiver computes the position or location and compels you to physically occupy the feature or asset you need to map.


Map More. Move Less.

The most highly valued benefit of laser mapping is having the ability to occupy a single, convenient, and safe location with the freedom to map as many assets as you can see. When you use your high-accuracy GPS/GNSS device, everything you collect will be based off these precise control points.

Stay out of harm’s way by remotely measuring or positioning features from a safe location. The power of Laser Tech’s reflectorless technology allows you to acquire measurements to practically any surface type or material, at sharp angles, and from long ranges.

As a GIS professional, you’ve likely made hefty investments in your equipment. By creating a seamless integration to practically any system and workflow.


How the TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Measures Up:

  • Measures distances, height, missing line and azimuth*
  • Calculates Horizontal Distance (HD) + Vertical Distance (VD) + Height (HT) + 2D Missing Line (ML)
  • Fits inside a vest pocket and is very economical
  • Displays all measurements and menus right in the scope HUD
  • Mounts on a staff or monopod for more stability
  • Integrates with GPS and popular GIS software**

*Azimuth applies to only the TruPulse 360i laser rangefinder.
**TruPulse L2 does not have wireless communication capability.