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GIS and GPS Mapping

Any object can be positioned when combining your GIS field data collection system with a pocket-sized TruPulse laser to accurately position any target anywhere.

Be LaserGIS® Ready

What do you do when a GPS antenna alone isn’t enough? Use LaserGIS® (laser offset measurements) to remotely capture any feature’s position in areas where GPS signal is blocked.

Map More, Move Less

GNSS/GPS technology is an integral part of recording where on earth something is positioned. As you know, some positions are more accessible than others.

For those times when an accurate GPS/GNSS fix just cannot be achieved, Laser Tech (LTI) has your back. Each target measured by our TruPulse® laser rangefinders includes values for range, inclination, and with the 360i model, azimuth. Use this data to calculate the remote location coordinate for the target located in a GPS-challenged area based on your current position. Be truly mobile while mapping with GPS. Any object can be accurately positioned anywhere when combining your GIS field data collection system with a pocket-sized TruPulse laser.


Your Measurements, Your Way

In addition to obtaining position data for all your assets and features, in just two shots, you can measure the slope distances, inclinations, azimuths, heights, and spans of any position from your choice of vantage point. Easily add height or clearance data as an attribute and start collecting more field data in a lot less time. Attribute options are only limited by the field data collection software you are currently using.

Obtain the best possible azimuth accuracy regardless of the pitch, roll, or angle you measure from using LTI’s exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology® found in the TruPulse 360o. Capture accurate compass data without inclination limitations, always measuring the correct azimuth within a half-degree of accuracy.

Your field crews can use laser offsets to position all of their data points accurately, mapping efficiently and safely from one vantage point. Use your resources more effectively by reducing the amount of movement through a site. Our customers tell us that they begin to realize a return on their investment by the time they complete their first GIS project, all thanks to our reflectorless technology.

Using GPS/GNSS laser offsets for mapping is right here at your fingertips, fieldwork has now become easier with the use of laser rangefinders.

Our laser rangefinders are compatible with several popular GIS data collection apps and external GNSS receivers, including Eos Positioning Systems, Esri ArcGIS Apps, Trimble, Leica and many more. Instantly download all your laser measurements wirelessly, right into your mapping application.


Download the Professional Measurement Product Solutions Brochure.

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What does it mean to be LaserGIS-ready? Using laser offset measurements for accurate mapping of features is knowing how to use your workflow with high accuracy laser rangefinders.

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