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Government / Public Works

Get measurements without accessing private property.

Be LaserGIS® Ready

Get measurements without accessing private property. Easily verify spans, heights, distances and positions without making special arrangements with the property owner.

From general field measurements to any sort of GIS data capture, Laser Tech’s (LTI’s) laser rangefinders are an ideal measurement tool because they are lightweight, compact and have long-range capabilities.

Additionally, the TruPulse 360 laser rangefinders series measure distance, inclination and azimuth with a single push of a button and offer onboard solutions for object height and missing line values. Easily determine the height or clearance value of any structure or the span distance between any two remote points.

Download the Professional Measurement Product Solutions Brochure.



Public Works

Public works professionals and building inspectors can now capture GIS or position data quickly and easily without accessing public property or extreme terrain.

Collecting household locations for 911 calls is a daunting task that is extremely time consuming. Make your GIS crew more productive and efficient with one of these lasers in their hands. Map everything you need without occupying its physical location with remote GPS laser offsets.

FEMA officials, emergency response teams, and HAZMAT crews can collect critical field measurements from a safe and convenient location. Limited accessibility where critical GIS data may need to be collected is no longer a problem.

For higher accuracy, grab an LTI Laser Positioning System. By integrating a laser rangefinder and an electronic compass with your GPS, you can gather 2D and 3D laser measurements swiftly and safely, with no need to occupy every point.

Obtain measurement to features you’d typically expect to be impossible with conventional methods. Easily obtain accurate field data and report it within seconds.

The power of reflectorless measurement … put it in your hands and start mapping. Download the LaserSoft MapSmart Brochure.

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Professional Measurement Product Solutions

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LaserSoft MapSmart

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Laser Mapping with ArcGIS Apps

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With a few simple tweaks to your workflow, you can incorporate laser offset mapping. We would love to show you how!

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