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LaserSoft® Sag Profiler

Verify Span, Sag, and Tension

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LaserSoft® Sag Profiler


Field data collection app for electric utility professionals.

SKU: 7035197

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LaserSoft® Sag Profiler is a field data collection app for electric utility professionals to measure the span, sag, and tension of conductor wires. Measurements are made directly to conductors hanging between two attachment points or spans. Now you have an easy-to-use system that can be operated from a safe location with instant access to these critical parameters.

Take multiple shots along the conductor, including both attachment points. LTI surveying instruments automatically send data into Sag Profiler creating a three-dimensional XYZ coordinate for each point measured. In addition, you can map the ground beneath the span and any other obstructions in the way. Each shot is recorded as a specific type and a checklist is updated.

Sag Profiler instantly calculates the span, sag, and tension values for the conductor. It even displays the height and location of the lowest point on the wire. If desired, GPS can be used to geo-reference the data so it will match up with existing maps and satellite imagery.

Report files can be sent to a PC and imported into most CAD-based programs capable of reading a TXT file. Reports can also be opened in Microsoft® Excel and many GPS visualization programs capable of reading a GPX or KML file.



Training: Using LaserSoft® Sag Profiler App

How to use the Sag Profiler app to gather key information on a live wire, such as tension values, span length, mid-span sag, and more.


LaserSoft® Sag Profiler Brochure Download LaserSoft® Sag Profiler User Guide Download

Primary Applications

Key Features

One person operation from a safe location

Easy to navigate app for Android™ with intuitive icons

Instantly generate all the data you need in the field

Create reports in minutes, including photos

Compatible with multiple mobile device types

Accompanying hardware is accurate, lightweight, and easy to set up


Operating Systems:


Supported Devices:

Please check the Google Play Store for the latest compatibility



Compatible Hardware:

TruPulse® 200X, TruPulse 200, TruPulse 360R, TruPulse 360
Optional: MapStar® TruAngle®

Supported Languages:

English; template is available for translation