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Measurement tools small enough to fit in your vest pocket. Powerful enough to capture the data you need.


From environmental research to wood production, working in the forestry industry presents its own set of unique challenges. Obtain accurate measurements with the least amount of complexity in the shortest amount of time. Foresters, timber cruisers, and mill operations managers alike can benefit from incorporating TruPulse® laser rangefinders and app solutions into their daily routine. The challenges that come with tasks such as stem or sale boundary mapping, tree height measurements, slope grade monitoring, or stockpile volume measurements can be solved with Laser Tech’s (LTI’s) solutions.

Download the Professional Measurement Product Solutions Brochure.


Forestry Laser Rangefinder Devices | Laser Tech Natural Resource Management:

Effectively monitor, assess and manage resources such as sensitive plant species or wetlands, by collecting field data using reflectorless measurement technology. With TruPulse laser rangefinders easily map wildlife habitats, cliff dwellings and monuments without occupying dangerous or sensitive areas.

Conserving archeology sites is almost as important as researching and analyzing it. Now you can make better planning decisions with all types of resource considerations without compromising data integrity or delicate areas.

LTI laser rangefinders can help gather the measurements you need accurately, quickly and safely. By cutting down the amount of time it typically takes to collect a large amount of field data, departments can now afford to capture more measurements more often.



Timber Cruising:

Tree Height Measurements

  • Tree height measurements are the most significant attribute for determining accurate tree volume for reliable timber inventory evaluations.
  • Laser Tech’s laser rangefinders have two simple on-board height measurement routines where you can see the results instantly.
  • The Missing Line routine provides the most accurate method for tree height, as it accounts for the typical scenario where the tree top is not directly over the base. With a clear line of sight to the base (or a reference mark above it) and to the top, measure the distance and inclination to these two points. The LTI laser will calculate the Vertical Distance between them for an accurate tree height.
  • The on-board Height routine in the laser is a 3-shot workflow and only requires one good distance anywhere on the tree stem. Angles to the base and top are then measured and the resulting height is displayed. This method is used when the Missing Line method is impractical or when the tree top is directly over the base.
  • All our laser rangefinders have a filter mode that forces the distance sensor to only recognize highly reflective material. Use this function when obstructing foliage is extremely dense.
  • Tree height measurements can now be possible in a matter of seconds and you can capture the results in one of the LaserSoft® apps.


  • Navigating to plot center
  • Marking tally trees based on distance from plot center
  • Measuring limiting distance to borderline trees
  • Stem mapping

Download the Laser Tech for Vegetation Management article from T & D magazine.


Timber Harvest:

Mill Operations

One main objective in a mill is managing stockpile inventories of wood chips or biomass piles. These piles continue to change in volume due to consumption and new deliveries. Inventory must be measured not only for accounting purposes but for productions schedules. Utilizing Laser Tech’s MapSmart App with the stockpile feature, users can generate volume and weight calculations right in the field. This is accomplished without needing to occupy unsafe positions on the actual pile. Easily determine the volume of any size stockpile, including those stored in bins or sheds.

Check your inventory whenever you want with LTI’s safe and accurate solutions. Download the Stockpile Volumes brochure.


Engineering Surveys

With Laser Tech’s TruPulse laser rangefinders and LaserSoft MapSmart Android app, a field crew can capture needed data and is designed for anyone who needs to quickly and accurately map, measure, or position just about anything. The solution is perfect for your professional or resource grade jobs.

TruPulse laser rangefinders work flawlessly even under dense canopy or on steep terrain, where GNSS may lose its ability to capture accurate data.

  • Verify flood plains, habitat areas or buffer zones.
  • Map stream courses or boundary areas.
  • Survey in a new road design or complete an obliteration.
  • Map proposed bridge sites or measure a culvert to verify percent slope.
  • Download the LaserSoft MapSmart Brochure.


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Whether you’re modeling the trees or harvesting them, laying out engineering plans or managing the ecosystem, our laser rangefinders allow you to acquire more data to more types of targets – all from a single position.

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