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Stockpile Volumes

Measure as often as you want and stay in control of your inventory.

Safe. Accurate. Easy.

Measuring a stockpile volume of aggregate, coal, wood ships, asphalt or any other inventory no longer needs to be challenging. The LTI’s laser reflectorless technology with the LaserSoft® MapSmart app solution is the quickest and safest method available for collecting stockpile volume measurements. A single operator can record volume and weight calculations right in the field without needing to occupy positions on the pile using a prism or GPS pole.

  • Take volume inventory of material in indoor locations that are stored in bins or up against a wall.
  • Measure to almost any surface without the need of a reflector: aggregate, coal, wood chips, asphalt or anything else you inventory.
  • Collect the data needed from challenging areas quickly safely and accurately.