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Testimonial: TruPulse® 360 Maps Stockpile Volume Solution for Mining Company


Travis Stewart, President of Western Slope Material, Carbondale, CO, shares a product testimonial and user story on how Laser Technology Inc.’s (LTI) TruPulse® 360 laser rangefinder simplifies stockpile mapping.

TruPulse 360 Gets the Data Quickly, Effortlessly and Affordably

Stewart sums up his experience: “I saw Laser Technology’s stockpile volume solution ad in Aggregates Manager Magazine a few months back and visited the website to learn more. I requested a demo from an authorized dealer of LTI and was immediately sold on the value of this volume solution.”

“For what it cost me to do one flyover, the system more than paid for itself.”

“I’m able to survey a 15,000-ton pile of gravel in less than an hour. We also measure the raw feed and do quick spot checks by measuring distances and elevations with just the TruPulse 360 laser.”

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