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TruPulse® 360𝗂

Next-Generation Version of the TruPulse 360° and 360R°

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TruPulse® 360𝗂

Bring this rugged and waterproof rangefinder with you anywhere and capture 3D data with TruVector® 360° Compass Technology.


The TruPulse 360i fuses a tough, highly accurate, and intuitive next-generation rangefinder design with our patented TruVector 360° Compass Technology, enriching your laser measurements with azimuth data.

SKU: 7005855

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i-Series rangefinders are made to measure from the ground up. The TruPulse 360i is capable of 50% higher distance accuracy and 60% higher inclination accuracy than the previous TruPulse 360° model while increasing the overall effective range by 25%. Faster target acquisition speeds and new feedback features boost confidence in each measurement.

Take your measurements up a notch with TruVector 360° Compass Technology. The TruPulse 360i adds azimuth data to your measurements allowing efficient, single-shot positioning of remote features and 3D point-to-point calculations, a major advantage when completing projects that require accurate asset location and facility mapping.

This next-generation laser rangefinder gives you confidence for every measurement with faster target acquisition speeds along with visual feedback for each shot. Use Bluetooth Dual Mode to expand connection capabilities. Challenging targets are no match for the ultra-bright heads-up display with 5 brightness levels to work in any lighting condition. This rugged unit is built to last with a lightweight and strong magnesium chassis and rubber-armored aluminum housing with a 100% waterproof rating.

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TruPulse 360i Product Overview

Derrick Reish offers an overview on the TruPulse 360i, noting the new and key features, top level specs, and fresh design.

Introducing the TruPulse 360i

Introduce yourself to the next generation 360° rangefinders featuring TruVector technology.

TruPulse 360i Unboxing Video

Derrick Reish opens up a single TruPulse 360i shipment and shows you what's inside the box.


TruPulse 360i Brochure Download TruPulse 360i Compass Calibration Sheet Download TruPulse 360i User Manual Download TruPulse 360i Quick Reference Field Guide Download Professional Measurement Product Solutions Download

Primary Applications

Construction: Crane Positioning
Forestry: Engineering, Surveys, Tree Heights
GIS / GNSS Mapping: LaserGIS mapping laser offset
Utilities (EU): Pole Audit, Vegetation Management
Utilities (Public Works): Water/Gas/pipeline
Telecommunications / Wireless: Small Cell
Mining: Stockpile Volume

Key Features


Provides measurement capability with distance, azimuth & inclination values.

Accuracy (Range)

50% Increased range accuracy, can achieve 10cm accuracy when higher accuracy jobs demand nothing less.

Accuracy (Tilt Inclination)

More Precise Tilt Accuracy: 2.5X more precise tilt measurement (0.1° vs. 0.25°)

Accuracy (Compass)

Confidence in repeatable azimuth measurement; less than 1 Degree


Faster acquisition, greater accuracy with physical, visual and audible feedback on target acquired means confidence, efficiency. and greater safety in the field

LTI TruVector 360° Compass Technology®

  • Produces accurate and repeatable Azimuth (AZ) results regardless of the tilt or pitch used when aiming the laser
  • Intuitively recognizes conditions that will affect the reliability of the compass accuracy and prompts you to recalibrate
  • Calibration is easily done with a simple field routine that can be completed in less than a minute

Targeting Mode

Advanced Targeting Modes (Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter)


Easy to hold and operate with rubberized grips and tactile button feedback


Withstands harsh conditions with rugged, waterproof, dustproof housing. designed with a strong magnesium chassis and rubber-armored aluminum housing for extra durability. Holds up to everyday uses under any conditions.

On Board Calculations

Auto calculates horizontal distance, vertical distance, height and 3D missing line values; inclination Percent Slope


The new Ultra-Bright Display has five brightness settings and works in any lighting condition. Our enhanced optical designs provides 80% light transmission, which simply means you will be able to see with greater clarity and bring smaller hard to see objects into focus.

Communicates with multiple platforms

Bluetooth Dual Mode: BLE and Classic BT options; Android, iOS & Windows Compatible

User Experience

Intuitive User Interface and workflows with an icon driven display to provide 7 onboard measurement solutions


Ranging Performance

50cm – 2,500 Meters (20 in – 8,202 ft)

Distance Accuracy

10 cm < 1,000 m (4 in < 3,280 ft) and to a High-Quality target

20 cm  > 1,000 m (8 in >  3,280 ft) or to a Low-Quality target

Distance Precision

0.01 = High-Quality Target

0.1 = Low-Quality Target

Inclination Accuracy

0.1° @ 0° to +/-30°

0.2° @ +/-30° to +/-90°

Azimuth Accuracy

< 1.0° RMS

Wireless Communication

Bluetooth V4.0 Dual Mode: BLE / Classic BT; iOS, Android™, and Windows® Compatible

Scope Magnification / In-Scope Display Type

Optics: 5X magnification; Ultra Bright LED HUD; 5 Brightness levels

Battery Type / Life

Two AA / ~ 3,600 measurements

Environmental Rating

IP67: Waterproof & Dustproof

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C. (-22°F to 140°F)


Height 88 mm

Width 43.4 mm

Length 118.3 mm


382.6 g with batteries, or 337.4 g w/o batteries

Eye Safety

CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT: Product complies with IEC60825-1 Ed. 3:2014-5 and 21CFR1040.10/11 per Notice 50:2007