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LaserSoft® SpeedCapture App


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LaserSoft® SpeedCapture App

Capture and Store Traffic Violations with Photos


Used by law enforcement agencies and private speed management companies around the world, LaserSoft® SpeedCapture combines precision speed and range data from the TruSpeed® Sxb laser with an embedded image to create an enforcement record that can be saved and shared. Use the 7-power magnification and the zero-speed feature to enforce parking and distracted driving violations with photos.

Now use the app on the latest Android devices with SpeedCapture2!

The SpeedCapture app is free to download and use.

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LTI’s LaserSoft SpeedCapture App combined with the TruSpeed Sxb speed measurement and mapping laser provide a complete photo measurement tool for traffic enforcement. The TruSpeed Sxb laser has Android™ and iOS compatible Bluetooth® and syncs with SpeedCapture via Bluetooth to most smartphones to create an extremely compact system.

Harness the 7x magnification and zero velocity features of the laser to enhance violation records with photo evidence. Departments are using SpeedCapture2 to enforce:

  • Distracted driving
  • Seat belt use
  • HOV lane
  • Stop sign/light
  • Crosswalk
  • Parking

Get the SpeedCapture app today: SpeedCapture on Google Play


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SpeedCapture Brochure Download SpeedCapture Android User Guide Download SpeedCapture iOS User Guide Download SpeedCapture2 Android User Guide Download

Primary Applications

  • Speed Enforcement w/Photo
  • Photo Evidence of Infractions Other Than Speed
  • Embedded Speed Infraction Data


Key Features

Lifetime Support - No Subscription Fees

Intuitive App Structure

SpeedCapture2 auto-accepts speed/range data and embeds it into an image with just one button press. Location information and device serial number are also included with no data entry required by the officer.

Wide Range of Data Collection

Store everything you need. Date, speed time and date are automatically part of the record. You could also add citation number, license plate number, offense type and numerous other pieces of information for your reference.

Group Texting Feature for Infractions

Enforcement can be done solo or as a team with instant violation image sharing. At the end of the shift, enforcement records can be uploaded to a secure department server location. These records are organized by Officer Name, date, and time so that they are easy to locate and print for court purposes.


Android™ iPhone® and iPad®
Supported Devices Android™:

Check Google Play for current compatibility (more recent Android systems may see SpeedCapture2 instead)


Check Apple App Store for current compatibility

Connectivity Android™:

Bluetooth® (BLE)


Bluetooth® (BLE)

Compatible Lasers Android™:

TruSpeed® Sxb


TruSpeed® Sxb

Supported Languages Android™:

English; template is available for translation


English; template is available for translation