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Transmission & Distribution

Vegetation Management

NESC guidelines for adequate vegetation clearance around power lines prevent major power outages caused by trees hitting the lines and the resulting property damage from fires. TruPulse® laser rangefinders have been the go-to solution for many years because they are easy to use, provide repeatable results, and offer unmatched flexibility in the field. Confidently measure the right-of-way widths, heights of trees, encroaching vegetation, and tree to conductor clearances.

Clearance & Sag Profile

Determine upgrade capacity and power efficiency for existing power lines, accurately tension newly constructed lines and assess conductor clearance over roadways. Our reflectorless TruPulse laser rangefinders quickly and easily measure spans, widths, heights for clearances, and collect all the data you need to calculate sag and tension.


LaserSoft® Sag Profiler Solution

Sag Profiler is a field data collection app program that electric utility professional use to measure the span, sag, and tension of conductor wires. Directly measure to conductors hanging between two attachment points.


LaserSoft Conductor Clearance Solution   NEW

Vegetation management is just one of thousands of applications that need to measure a clearance value. You may need to know the clearance under a bridge or the distance between 2 remote points.