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TruSpeed® Series

High Performance Lidar Speed Guns

Laser Speed Devices

The TruSpeed® traffic enforcement product series are high-performance lidar laser speed devices designed with police in mind. You rely on the security of knowing that your speed enforcement data stands up in court, so we focus our baseline standard in every unit to ensure each speed-reading generated and displayed is true and correct. With each lidar laser beam measuring at approximately 3 ft. wide when it reaches 1,000 feet, LTI equipment makes it possible for officers to visually identify a speeding vehicle and pinpoint its exact location on the roadway to confirm a vehicle’s precise speed.

Our exclusive Accuracy Validation software ensures the accuracy of every speed measurement taken before it even displays readings in the device. This validation assures that all speed measurements are correct making these lasers the most dependable speed measurement devices in the world. With split-second speed-reading capabilities, the TruSpeed traffic enforcement lidar units give the advantage to officers as violators get zero reaction time and renders detectors, both radar and lidar, ineffective. Because of this technology, you have unbeatable credibility and support in the courtroom.


How the TruSpeed Measures Up:

With unmatched technology, superior performance, courtroom credibility, pinpoint targeting, and an unbeatable value, the TruSpeed units provide officers with tools to help change problematic traffic areas and keep streets and communities safe.

  • Pinpoints vehicles in multilane traffic
  • Offers LTI courtroom credibility with Accuracy Validation
  • Advances in technology make this an ideal choice for your department
  • Impervious to lidar and radar detectors


TruSpeed S Series

The TruSpeed S family is designed with a rugged exterior that is weatherproof and a 7x sighting scope that allows officers a wide viewing range and the ability to see clearly in all lighting conditions. The compact binocular-style design sets the S family apart from other TruSpeed devices and makes these lidar laser devices fit comfortably in your hand while weighing in at less than one pound.


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