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Laser Measure Level

Article Series: How LTI Lasers Work


Laser Sensor to Measure Surface Levels | Liquids, Solids, Powders Definition of Level: a) 1: an approximately horizontal line or surface taken as an index of altitude; 2: a practically horizontal surface or area (as of land)

b) 1: a line or surface that cuts perpendicularly all plumb lines that it meets and hence would everywhere coincide with a surface of still water; 2: the plane of the horizon or a line in it.

Laser Tech’s industrial sensors accurately measure the level of surfaces ranging from water to oil and all kinds of bulk solids and powdered materials. Our laser sensors work similarly to our other laser measurement tools. We measure the time it takes a laser pulse to travel to the target and back to the sensing device. Sophisticated accuracy validation algorithms are in place to ensure a reliable reading.

Our industrial level sensors are non-contact, easily installed and configured, and can offer significant advantages for certain applications over other sensing technologies.


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