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Laser Measure Horizontal Angles

Article Series: How LTI Lasers Work


Laser Tech - Horizontal Angle Laser Measurement Definition of Horizontal Angle: a) An angle between any two points within the same horizontal plane.

Definition of Horizontal: a) parallel to the plane of the horizon; level; flat. b) at right angles to the vertical; parallel to level ground.

This calculation is possible when you integrate any of Laser Tech’s laser rangefinders with a MapStar® TruAngle®. Once you zero out the TruAngle in any direction, it will calculate the horizontal angle up to 359.9 degrees in either direction until you fire the laser toward another target. Combining the rangefinders’ distance and vertical inclination values with this horizontal angle allows for complete 3D positioning that can be integrated with GPS for remote offset mapping.

Using reference angles instead of relying on a compass bearing means that the MapStar TruAngle is an interference-free 360° device, making the encoder an essential tool when mapping within urban environments, near heavy equipment, or around buildings. The angular accuracy will not be compromised in these areas.

More About Laser Tech Measurements

Laser Tech products calculate distance by measuring the time of flight of very short pulses of infrared light. This differs from the traditional surveying instrument method of measuring phase shifts by comparing the incoming wavelength with the phase of the outgoing light.

Our family of laser measurement devices are based on lidar technology. Lidar is an acronym that stands for Light Detection and Ranging.

All of Laser Tech’s laser rangefinders that are equipped with a tilt sensor measure height with a simple 3-shot routine.

Our industrial level sensors are non-contact, easily installed and configured, and can offer significant advantages for certain applications over other sensing technologies.

All Laser Tech laser speed devices give you the ability to instantly determine a vehicle’s speed, both approaching and departing.