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TruSense® S200 Series

Solid Target Sensor

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TruSense® S200 Series

Designed for Level Measurement, Detection and Positioning


Laser Tech’s TruSense® S200 series of laser sensors are lightweight, compact and affordable. Three different models (the S200, S210 and S230) all have up to ± 4 cm accuracy, a small footprint, and are available with or without a glass-filled polycarbonate housing.

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TruSense® S200 series sensors range to a gray target at over 750 meters with accuracy up to 4 cm in short range mode (1,500 meters in long range mode).

The S210 and S230 models are designed for optimal operation and performance in industrial applications involving Level Measurement, Detection and Positioning.

The S230 industrial laser sensor and ruggedized enclosure are a perfect solution for a wide variety of chemical process applications that require an explosion-proof housing. The 230 model utilizes a visible alignment laser and offers serial RS232 and 4-20mA outputs, which are commonly used data input/output for industrial applications. Support for both these protocols allows the user the ability to communicate with the laser through 4-20mA as well as through RS232 serial communication.

It has an explosion-proof accessory (Ruggedized Enclosure) which allows it to be rated to meet ATEX and other explosion-proof standards.


Select your laser option:

S200 – For solid target measurements. No alignment laser.

  • With housing    |   OEM version (no housing)


S210 – For solid target measurements. Equipped with alignment laser.

  • With housing    |   OEM version (no housing)


S230 – For solid target measurements. Equipped with alignment laser. Includes 4-20mA communication protocol.

  • With housing    |   OEM version (no housing)



Comparison of S200 and ULS Laser Download Communication Protocols by model Download S200 Documentation and Software (zip file) Download

Key Features

Choose from a variety of Communication Protocols

We have models that provide RS-232, 0-5 VDC, or 4-20mA output.

Equipped with Multiple Target Modes

First Target Mode:  The laser only measures the first target it sees.  Ideal for when no obstructions exist between the laser and the intended target.

Strongest Target Mode:  The unit measures to the strongest target it sees.  Ideal for when an obstruction, such as a fence, exists between the intended target and the sensor.

Last Target Mode:  The unit measures to the last target it sees.  Ideal for getting better results through dust and haze.



Minimum Range

1.5 ft (46 cm)

Maximum Range

9,514 / 5,249 ft (2900 / 1600 m) low-accuracy mode

4,921 / 2,953 ft (1500 / 900 m) medium-accuracy mode

Typical Accuracy

0.1 ft (4 cm) in short-range mode

0.3 ft (8 cm) in medium-range mode

0.5 ft (15 cm) in long-range mode

Data Output Rate

1 Hz to 14 Hz; 200 Hz mode (only with RS232)

Target Modes

First, strongest, last, first-second-third, last-second to last, first-strongest-last, first-second-third-strongest-last

Measurement Modes

low-accuracy, medium-accuracy, high-accuracy

short-range, medium-range, long-range


905 nm (near IR)


3 mrad (equal to 1 ft beam diameter @ 328 ft or 30 cm @ 100m)


S-200 = TRIG, SDI-12, RS232 without alignment laser
S-210 = TRIG, SDI-12, RS232 with alignment laser
S-230 = 4-20mA, RS232 with alignment laser

Baud Rate Min/Max

9,600 / 230,400

Input Power

12 VDC

Current Draw

Measuring = 150 mA, Standby = 40 mA

Dimensions ( L x W x H)

4.11 x 3.22 x 1.64 in
(104.4 x 81.7 x 41.6 mm)


Standard = 4.8 oz (138.6 g),
OEM = 2.7 oz (76 g)

Housing and Frame Material

Glass-filled polycarbonate

Eye Safety

Class 1, 7 mm (FDA, CFR21)
Class 1 m (IEC 60825 – 1 : 2001)





Operating Temperature

– 20° to 140° F (- 28° to 60° C)