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Laser Height Measurement

Article Series: How LTI Lasers Work


Definition of Height:

a) 1: the highest part; 2: highest or most advanced point;

b) 1: the distance from the bottom to the top of something standing upright; 2: the extent of elevation above a level

c) the condition of being tall or high

d) 1: an extent of land rising to a considerable degree above the surrounding country; 2: a high point or position.


All of Laser Tech’s laser rangefinders that are equipped with a tilt sensor measure height with a simple 3-shot routine. These devices include the TruPoint™ and TruPulse® Series of rangefinders. To use this laser measuring tool, follow this routine: The first shot establishes the horizontal distance to your target, while the 2nd and 3rd shots establish the top and base angles.  The height is then calculated and instantly displayed on the in-scope HUD and on the Tru-Point screen.


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