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Testimonial: TruPulse 360°R for Worker Safety

By T Hart, 02/15/22

@lasertechnologyinc receives a comment from @statewidespotters on an Instagram post that details a three-step wire-sag measurement technique:

“Great equipment as always, we use your TruPulse 360°R to take away the guess work from our jobs that require us to work as close as we are allowed 👏”

This inspires Laser Tech to reach out to Melbourne Australia’s Statewide Electrical Spotters, to seek more information on the safety-driven company and how they make use of TruPulse® rangefinders.

Alex Karakostov, managing director for Statewide Electrical Spotters, agrees to share how Laser Tech’s TruPulse 360R plays a vital role in achieving the company’s promise to create and maintain safety in potentially hazardous work environments.

Karakostov candidly tells Laser Tech that “without the TruPulse 360R, our work would be all guessing.” He goes on to voice his appreciation for the 360R as “a tool that is easy to use and can be calibrated without sending to a technician!

Getting to Know Statewide Electrical Spotters

Laser Tech’s TruPulse 360R used by Statewide Electrical Spotters, photo supplied by A. Karakostov

Alex Karakostov’s experience in contracting for major electrical companies creates first-hand experience on how to be a spotter. As excavators dig trenches along underground utility services, Karakostov discovers the importance of spotting. Quickly, he starts to value spotting as one of the industry’s most vital roles. Fast forward to November, 2018:  Karakostov starts Melbourne Australia’s Statewide Electrical Spotters.

Karakostov shares the mission for Statewide Electrical Spotters:

“Build long-term relationships with clients by providing electrical spotters who ensure an accident and injury free workforce.”

Currently, the company finds work in a large range of projects. Most frequently, you can catch Karakostov and the team spotting small contractors that work within close vicinity of powerlines.

On top of this, they work closely with larger companies in civil construction. These jobs tend to revolve around gas, water, sewer, telecommunications, or the power sector. The team also offers services to those working on multi story apartment buildings in Melbourne.

Unsure of just what Electrical Spotting is, exactly? Check out the What is Electrical Spotting page on the Statewide Electrical Spotters website.

Statewide Spotters use Laser Tech TruPulse 360°R Rangefinder to Eliminate Guesswork

Karakostov shares his experience of initially adding TruPulse rangefinders to his company’s toolkit:

Laser Tech’s TruPulse 360R used by Statewide Electrical Spotters, photo supplied by A. Karakostov

“I had come across the Laser Tech products by reading up on an online article of Citipower/Powercor, a power distribution company in Victoria, Australia. They were using the TruPulse 360 for some of their projects. I did my research and found that this can be a tool to use for practices within our organization [Statewide Electrical Spotters].”

When it’s time for Karakostov and his team to “provide electrical spotting for machinery that has to be in close proximity to powerlines, there can be guess work of how close the overhead conductors really are. That is why we like to use Laser Tech equipment, as it takes out any uncertainty we have as electrical spotters.”

Having accurate readings from a Laser Tech rangefinder helps manifest the company’s priority of keeping their clients’ safety at the forefront of all jobsite activities.

Laser Tech is happy to share Karakostov’s testimonial with professionals in mining and construction, utilities, public works, and similar fields. We encourage others to follow Statewide Electrical Spotters in creating a safer world.

Keep up with Statewide Electrical Spotters on Instagram @statewidespotters and Facebook @Statewide Electrical Spotters.

A. Karakostov owns all photos in this article.

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