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Safe, Accurate, & Fast: LaserSoft® Joint Pole App

Laser Tech’s Joint Pole app is a field data collection solution that Electric Utility professionals and their contractors use to measure the location, condition, attachment heights, and make-ready measurements on utility poles.

How it Works

In the app, the user fills out a series of information tabs that identify the pole’s location and dimensions, present condition, and any issues. Customizable lists account for attachment types, owners, and more. Utilizing a TruPulse® laser rangefinder’s non-contact technology, just stand in a safe and convenient location to follow the app’s graphic prompts and auto-populate customized data fields with laser measurements.

Osmose Users: Try our Pole Audit for O-Calc® Alternative.

Talk With an Expert

Learn about our 30-day free trial for the app and talk with one of our sales managers to find out which solution is right for you.