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Laser Tech is Now Open for Business in ArcGIS Marketplace

CENTENNIAL, CO  March 17, 2021 –TruPulse® laser rangefinders, designed and built by Laser Tech (LTI), are available to view and learn about on Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace.

Laser Tech Joins World’s Largest GIS Platform

GIS Marketplace is the largest platform serving GIS users all over the world. Designed to create a centralized location for users to find and acquire GIS-related apps, content, solutions, and professional services, the ArcGIS Marketplace connects users to more than 300,000 Esri® partners, distributors, emerging business partners, and select customers.

Laser Tech’s TruPulse 200X is Bluetooth compatible and ready to integration into ArcGIS Field Maps

TruPulse laser rangefinders provide GIS professionals with precise 2D or 3D measurements, depending on the model chosen. Measure slope distance and inclination with all TruPulse models, integrate a compass sensor for azimuth measurements with the TruPulse 360° models. TruPulse lasers and systems seamlessly integration to practically to any GIS system and workflow, with new integrations being added regularly.

Laser Tech rangefinders allow for laser offset mapping to provide GIS professionals with the ability to occupy a single, convenient, and safe location with the freedom to map as many assets as you can see. When you use your high-accuracy GPS/GNSS device, everything you collect will be based off those precise control points. Additionally, mapping with a TruPulse laser rangefinder enables users to work out of harm’s way and in a safe location.

Learn more about GPS/GNSS TruPulse laser mapping

Every solution within the ArcGIS Marketplace was built to be compatible with ArcGIS Online so users can easily share with other ArcGIS users and groups within one’s organization and drive your business forward.

These solutions include industry- and workflow-specific solutions that will help drive your business objective forward in the GIS, mapping, and location intelligence markets.

Laser Tech is now featured in the ArcGIS Marketplace

Amplify The Science of Where with Esri Partners and improve your workflow:

  • Extend Esri software for specific tasks by building custom apps and maps.
  • Implement an enterprise GIS: install and integrate with existing systems.
  • Analyze data: receive actionable insights from data,
  • Automate field work: migrate from paper to digital and work in real-time, and
  • Supply content: receive industry-specific data, imagery, and analytics.

“While there are app marketplaces that serve consumer audiences, only ArcGIS Marketplace is specifically designed to serve the needs of GIS users, making it truly unique,” says Johan Herrlin, senior business strategist for Esri. “It’s another facet of the ArcGIS platform.”

Organizations who currently use ArcGIS® Online and ArcGIS platform already have access to use and view the products listed in the ArcGIS Marketplace. However, anyone is free to browse listings within the ArcGIS Marketplace.

All Esri partners must meet a set of qualifications to become ArcGIS Marketplace providers. Providers are reviewed annually based on criteria outlined in the ArcGIS Marketplace provider policies.

About Laser Technology, Inc.

Laser Tech is a Colorado-based manufacturer devoted to the design and manufacture of innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments to address real-world needs and applications, including speed enforcement, incident investigation, forestry, mining, utilities, surveying, and industrial process control.