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Q & A: Who Uses Laser Tech Sensors?

BY T. HART, 04/22/2022

Laser Tech Laser Sensors | Accurately Measure Distances

This segment of our Q & A series on Laser Tech sensors will offer insight on what sort of individuals and companies make use of our non-contact, continuous measurement sensors.

Question: Who uses our sensors?

Answer: A lot of very different folks.

Our sensors are often used by integrators. This opens up a wide variety of potential applications for integrating sensors as components. Below is a compilation of clips that exemplify how versatile our lidar sensors are.

Examples of Laser Tech Sensor Integration (Videos)

By watching these videos, you can discover some of Laser Tech’s most successful sensor integration stories.

Side note: Can you mount the sensor on a moving object?

Yes. Integrate LTI’s laser sensors into systems within UAVs and other flying vehicles and utilize some unique advantages:

6 Videos of various LTI Non-Contact Continuous Measurement Sensors in Action:

1) TruSense S200 integrated into a range finding device for forestry professionals

2) Sensor integrated as the detection-trigger for a roadside traffic data-collection system

3) Sensor integrated into a ship docking system with real-time distances displayed

4) TruSense S200 integrated into a unique parking-complex efficiency system

5) TruSense S200 integrated into automated flying vehicles to maintain proper flight paths with soft landings

6) Sensor integrated into amphibious planes to ensure that pilots use the proper landing gears

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