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Introduction to Q & A Series on Laser Tech Sensors

By T. Hart, 04/22/2022

Laser Tech’s Industrial Sensors are powerful tools that integrate into a uniquely broad array of applications. Despite their widespread range of potential, our different sensors tend to bring the same key questions to mind. Who Uses Laser Tech Sensors? What Advantages do the Offer? Which Environments are Ideal? What are the Major Uses?

We will make detailed answers to these questions readily available. First, an introduction to our different sensors series is due.

Finding the Right Tools for Your Application

The Goal: Help integrators, engineers, and everyone in-between qualify or disqualify our sensors for your different applications.

The Action: Our experts offer an honest and informative Q & A series.

Currently, there are two major families of non-contact, continuous measurement sensors that we proudly carry:

Laser Tech’s laser sensors are available without casing, as OEM parts

Is there a “one size fits all” sensor?

There is not and likely never will be one singular device that can conquer all environments and applications. Integrators should know that each situation requires its own evaluation. In this spirit, the process of choosing a sensor device often starts with specifying the needs and setting of any given application and starting discussions with potential suppliers.

We sat down with our Sensors experts to compile an informative list of Questions and Answers. Our priority is making sure that you get the right tools for your job. We have qualified professionals eager to hear about your application(s) today.

Any integrators considering a non-contact, continuous-measurement sensor are invited to contact us and start a discussion. In the meantime, the information in this five-part blog series (along with our Industrial Sensors FAQs) will help shed light on how our sensors are best utilized vs when an alternative should be considered.

Want more info on Laser Tech Sensors?

Here is what you can expect the entire LTI Laser Sensors Q & A series to cover:

In the meantime, explore our Laser Sensor FAQs to continue learning about our different available sensors.

Have more questions?

Contact our experts today to see if a Laser Tech non-contact sensor is right for your application.

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