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Hoopa Tribe Uses MapSmart® for Habitat Restoration Project

By R Turriff, 08/17/15 

The Hoopa Tribe in Northern California is in the process of building a stream diversion project for Salmon & Steelhead spawning enhancement on Supply Creek. Read about the project in detail here. Shooting grades became an easy task with the help of Laser Technology Inc.’s (LTI’s) LaserSoft® MapSmart® with Volume software and TruPulse® laser rangefinder. 

MapSmart Helps Simplify Supply Creek Restoration

TruPulse Helps Hoopa Tribe with Restoration Project

To get the “base” note, they shot to the grade stakes on the rim of the channel and to get the “top” note, they simply shot in the sides and the floor of the channel. Using the MapSmart w/volume software enabled them to quickly calculate the volume of the removed material. This material will then be used to back fill other parts of their property. 

MapSmart software with TruPulse 200x and MapStar TruAngle

The entire job was able to be shot safely from the access road, away from the dangerous equipment being used in the channel. With the MapSmart + Volume upgrade, you can simply measure a stockpile and calculate the volume right in the field. The software updates your map as you collect points, so you can feel confident that the shots you take are being recorded correctly. 

Stockpile data can even be viewed in a raw format or as a contour map. For more useful results, enter the type of material you’re measuring, and the software will even calculate the weight of your product. With this simple yet versatile software, measuring stockpiles just might be the easiest thing you do all week. 

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