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LTI Historical Moment – The TruCAM®


What laser speed measurement device is still needed? For more than 15 years, LTI laser speed guns allowed synchronization with a separate video camera and computer for complete speed violation data including a high-resolution photo of a license plate. This came in the form of the Laser/Micro DigiCam. While accurate, it was large and bulky and took time to set up


Mike Phippen of Laser Technology Recalls How the TruCAM® Came to Be

The next logical step for LTI was to take all the attributes of the Laser/Micro DigiCam and put it in a single hand-held unit. And of course, we took that step in March 2009 and released the TruCAM – the first and only all-in-one handheld video laser speed gun.

With the addition of DBC (Distance Between Cars) software officers have a portable tool that generates indisputable data and video evidence of speeding, tailgating and aggressive/distracted driving. TruCAM collects and stores all data in an SD card including high resolution digital images that identify vehicle make and model, license plate number, and facial characteristics of the driver.

TruCam is the final word in traffic enforcement!

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