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Industrial Sensor Applications

Ideal for level measurement for liquids and solids, detection, collision-avoidance, positioning and equipment monitoring, and altimetry applications.

Considering all these factors, it would be nearly impossible to design an all-encompassing laser sensor that could work in a wide variety of scenarios. This is why our line of lasers is considered to be quite an engineering feat.

Below are just a fraction of applications where our lasers can be used.

Level Measurement

Since our laser sensors use lidar pulses to gather and relay continuously monitored data, accurate level measurement is a key performance aspect that many of our users utilize. Analyzing dynamic material volumes and activating triggers within automated systems, typically initiating a container’s fill or drain processes, is a common contribution that our sensors offer with reliable consistency. Some of the most frequent applications for level measurement include:

  • Tall narrow bins
  • Complex infrastructure inside bins (ladders, agitator blades, etc.)
  • Non-intrusive measurements (through sight glass)
  • Plastic pellets, slurries
  • Outdoor river/stream monitoring
  • Waste water treatment
  • Lock level
  • Stockpile height
  • Molten metal level
  • Ore pass and loading pocket level

Positioning and Detection

Along with level measurement, the continuous lidar beams used by our non-contact laser sensors can act as disruption detectors for safety, security, and positioning systems. This offers a variety of uses in areas like collision avoidance, object detection, safety surveillance, and precision alignment assistance or automation. Some common applications that see our users utilizing the positioning and detection abilities of LTI sensors include:

  • Overhead crane
  • Crane avoidance
  • Tripper car
  • Distance between vehicles (mounted in vehicle)
  • Steel slab detection and positioning
  • Pipe/tree length cutting system
  • Camera focusing
  • Surveillance detection and camera focusing
  • Vehicle profiling
  • Fixed point traffic monitor (speed, profiling, length, DBC)
  • Truck loading system
  • Parking garage system (open spots, illegal parking)
  • Bridge height clearance
  • Ship docking
  • Targeting systems
  • In-flight refueling

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