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Industrial Sensor Applications

Ideal for level measurement for liquids and solids, detection, collision-avoidance, positioning and equipment monitoring, and altimetry applications.

Considering all these factors, it would be nearly impossible to design an all-encompassing laser sensor that could work in a wide variety of scenarios. This is why our line of lasers is considered to be quite an engineering feat.

Below are just a fraction of applications where our lasers can be used:

Level Measurement

  • Tall narrow bins
  • Complex infrastructure inside bins (ladders, agitator blades, etc.)
  • Non-intrusive measurements (through sight glass)
  • Plastic pellets, slurries
  • Outdoor river/stream monitoring
  • Waste water treatment
  • Lock level
  • Stockpile height
  • Molten metal level
  • Ore pass and loading pocket level

Positioning and Detection

  • Overhead crane
  • Crane avoidance
  • Tripper car
  • Distance between vehicles (mounted in vehicle)
  • Steel slab detection and positioning
  • Pipe/tree length cutting system
  • Camera focusing
  • Surveillance detection and camera focusing
  • Vehicle profiling
  • Fixed point traffic monitor (speed, profiling, length, DBC)
  • Truck loading system
  • Parking garage system (open spots, illegal parking)
  • Bridge height clearance
  • Ship docking
  • Targeting systems
  • In-flight refueling

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