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Vehicle and Equipment Guidance

For a wide variety of applications

Measure the distance to the ground from your manned or autonomous aircraft. Topo mapping or other applications require a laser sensor that is reliable and range to long distances.


Black ship hulls and water surfaces pose no problem for TruSense® laser sensors. Ideal for ship docking and water height measurement, these lasers may be either permanently or semi-permanently mounted either on ship or on shore.

Acquire accurate measurements to almost any type of surface and make vessel and shore based maneuvers a whole lot more manageable. Instantly know bridge gap values, water lock heights or any other measurement value you may need.


Do you need collision avoidance or the ability to range to a target? Laser Tech laser sensors give you the performance you need to ensure reliable vehicle guidance and measurement. Adding laser sensors to forklifts or heavy equipment including cranes helps guard against costly collisions and unsafe conditions.

Blind spots cause costly collisions and can ruin an entire operation. Avoid it all together with these lightening fast sensors and ensure nothing intrudes from outside your safety zones.

Add laser sensors to your heavy equipment product to add functionality and improve safety.


Precise and reliable height measurements assist with a safe landing.

Measure varying terrain such as water or foliage with accurate and reliable readings. Adjust update rates to gather more or fewer data points based on the speed of the craft. Serial interface connectivity allows for easy integration to other instruments for GPS coordinates and tilt data.

TruSense® 200 Series


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