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Distracted Driving March Break Campaign Launched


Distracted Driving is dangerous and has caused many traffic accidents. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reminding drivers in their area of the importance of keeping your eyes on the road with their launch of a traffic safety campaign just in time for March Break. OPP Supt.

Tony Cristilli stated that the campaign is to assist in reducing the number of crashes and injuries that result from the inattention of drivers. At the Toronoto OPP Detachment, Cristilli told reporters:

“Distracted driving is a danger to all road users. We want to see everyone develop and maintain a complete intolerance for distracted driving and to make it socially unacceptable driving behaviour.”

Cristilli further stated that the OPP has determined that the distracted driver is the “deadliest” kind of driver on roads it patrols in Ontario and has been so for the past five years. With 8,711 crashes last year that were linked to distracted driving in the province, it is a definite concern.

Distracted Driving is an Epidemic Worldwide

Some sobering statistics from the the World Health Organization help to prove this statement:

Laser Technology is assisting law enforcement with this ever growing problem by providing tools that can help them combat distracted driving. The TruCAM® II with its ability to clearly capture violations digitally while measuring speed and DBC (distance between vehicles) and the TruSpeed® Sxb with LaserSoft® SpeedCapture, have helped officers to clearly witness and prove distracted driving offenses.

Distracted driving is unnecessary and preventable. When you are out on the road, nothing is more important than you to be aware of what is happening all around you. Put down those phones, there’s no need to grab something from the back seat – keep your eyes on the road and stay safe out there.

Read the OPP March Break Distracted Driving Campaign article.

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