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Cracking Down on Dangerous Driving


A special traffic campaign, named Operation Southern Shield, is happening July 17th – 23rd all across the Southeast to enforce traffic safety laws and help people arrive alive to their destination.

Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida law enforcement have teamed up to crack down on traffic violations, including speeding, distracted driving and impaired driving.


Laser Tech Joins Multi-State Effort to Fight Dangerous Driving

ADECA (Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs) Director Kenneth Boswell says:

“The hope is to urge drivers to slow down, wear seat belts and pay attention to the road.”

The UltraLyte laser speed gun and other traffic safety laser devices by Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) will be joining in as part of the team helping to enforce these basic laws of the road.

Some sobering facts that show just how important it is for drivers to become more aware of their driving and the rules of the road:

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies all over the world save lives one measurement at a time. Our UltraLyte laser speed guns are the most durable and reliable speed enforcement tools on the market and are used 3 to 1 worldwide. Providing LTI’s exclusive Accuracy Validation software, pinpoint targeting and unmatched versatility, our lasers capture evidence needed to prove traffic violations.

For more information on the campaigns see:

Police out in Force article by the Cullman Times – July 13, 2017

Florida Highway Patrol Cracks Down article by WFSU News – July 17, 2017

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