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TruSense® Laser Sensors Are Now Distributed by Digi-Key Electronics

By T Nyland, 01/05/19

Two powerhouses have joined forces and signed a worldwide distribution agreement for industrial sensors. Laser Technology, Inc’s. (LTI), Industrial Sensor product line, the TruSense® will now be distributed globally through Digi-Key Electronics.


TruSense Industrial Laser Sensors Become More Accessible

The TruSense sensor product line can detect, count, trigger, map, profile, scan, and guide in addition to verifying levels, proximities, and distances to practically any target. The TruSense sensors are non-contact laser sensors that can be used throughout a variety of industries: oil & gas, chemicals, mining, power, food and beverage, water, and waste water.

Digi-Key Electronics is an authorized global, full-service distributor of electronic components. Digi-Key Electronics has a product portfolio of over 8.3 million products, from over 750 quality name-brand manufactures, with 1.5 million electronics available for immediate shipment.

LTI and Digi-Key Electronics distribution agreement will allow for industries around the world to have easier access to the TruSense laser sensor product line and enjoy the benefits of continued expansion in Digi-Key’s product portfolio.

Read the press release: Laser Technology, Inc. Signs Digi-Key Electronics as Global Distributor

Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key is the fourth largest electronic component distributor in North America and a broad-line distributor of board level components. They rank as the fifth largest electronic component distributor in the world. Keep up with them on social media:

Twitter: @digikey

Facebook: @digikey.electronics

Instagram: @digikey

LinkedIn: Digi-Key Electronics

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