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TruPulse® Laser Rangefinder Measures Up for GIS Evidence Collection

By KHarrold 11/05/14

The University of Denver, Mountain Graphix and Directions Magazine recently hosted a collaborative webinar to explain how GIS data is used in court.

Titled “Forensic GIS – Investigation, Litigation and Using GIS in the Courtroom,” the webinar was geared toward attorneys, law enforcement and GIS professionals. The production focused on the key points of how GIS is used in legal investigations, the admissibility and presentation of GIS data in court, and recent advances in forensic GIS and what the future may bring.

Recapping the Webinar

When Brian Brill, Forensic Animation Specialist at Mountain Graphix and Steven Hick, GIS Director at the University of Denver spoke about new technology they featured the LTI TruPulse® 360B laser rangefinder. The 360B is Bluetooth® enabled and has an integrated compass which allows professionals to measure azimuth, along with the many standard features of the TruPulse line.

All TruPulse laser rangefinders have onboard solutions which calculate a height or clearance value of any target, function under the most challenging conditions and have built-in Targeting Modes for Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter/Reflector.

The webinar went on to showcase how measurement devices like TruPulse rangefinders are being used to diagram accidents at ski resorts and on other recreational tracks, like those for motorcycles and motorcycle jumps. For instance, the laser’s measurements can be used to prove that a jump on a dirt race track had exactly the same slope and height as the other 7 jumps when a prosecutor in a court case was arguing that one was different and that difference caused a crash.

Watch the recording of the Forensic GIS – Investigation, Litigation and Using GIS in the Courtroom webinar.

Visit LTI’s professional measurement webpage to learn more about LTI’s instruments and how they play a part in many different, interesting industries. To find out how a TruPulse can work for you and your company call 1-877-696-2584 to set up a free demonstration period.

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