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Video Speed Gun to Improve Road Safety in Córdoba

A recent donation of two TruCAM II video speed gun units to Córdoba, Argentina, exemplifies the desire to improve global road safety shared by Laser Tech (LTI), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS).

The relationship between speeding and traffic fatalities is common knowledge. Despite this, over 60% of vehicle operators in the municipality drive over the speed limit. Properly equipping local traffic safety professionals has a history of lowering speeding and fatality numbers.

TruCAM II Video Speed Gun to Counter Speeding Habits Within the Municipality of Córdoba

Teaming Up to Equip Traffic Safety Pros Worldwide

October 2020: LTI connects with BIGRS during 2020’s IACP Conference and Exposition. Both parties share similar interests in boosting road safety and discouraging dangerous and preventable behaviors like speeding. Laser Tech explores the possibility of forming a traffic safety partnership. A measurable track record of reducing fatalities by equipping professionals with proper traffic safety technologies fuels the conversation.

IACP members fit into the mix perfectly, and a coalition of like-minded road safety enthusiasts quickly forms. LTI, with established Dealers in over 100 countries, contributes technologies and training for the IACP and BIGRS to distribute according to their initiatives. The latest example of this joint effort in action brings attention to the municipality of Córdoba.

Tackling Cordoba’s Speeding Situation with Technology

An article from cordoba.gob.ar describes the findings that studies provide regarding motor vehicle operators in Córdoba:

TruCAM II video speed guns capture visual chains of evidence to assist with deterring traffic safety violations.

TruCAM II video speed guns capture visual chains of evidence to assist with deterring traffic safety violations.

“62% of vehicles circulate above the speeds allowed in the city [and] in 2022, 66 people died due to urban traffic accidents. Córdoba has the highest speeding value in the region (62%), followed by Bogotá (39%), Mexico City (34%), Buenos Aires (29%), Quito (20%), Sao Paulo ( 11%), among others..”

Córdoba’s 63% majority accounts for the highest percentage of speeders on the list by a considerable margin. A concerning 23% gap separates Córdoba from Bogotá, the next highest on the list. This alarming discrepancy prompts the IACP and BIGRS to step in. “Theoretical and practical training” accompanies their donation of two TruCAM II video speed guns.

These traffic safety tools will be introduced as operators begin “notifying violators without generating fines.” The initial goal is creating “greater awareness among drivers.” This commendably prioritizes community education rather than going straight to enforcement with repercussions.

The Right Tool for the Job

LTI’s TruCAM II includes a high-resolution camera with automatic focus, iris, and shutter speed control. This makes it easy for operators to capture visual evidence of violations, which can be reviewed on the device’s 9.4 cm LCD screen. Files write onto a removable SD card and can be extracted for saving and reviewing on other devices.

TruCAM deployments have helped facilitate a long list of traffic safety initiatives worldwide. While this includes larger countries like Australia, the UK, and Spain, some notable examples of success come from more remote countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, and Ras Al Khaimah. This gives LTI, the IACP, and BIGRS reason to anticipate a positive impact on the roads of Córdoba.

Where the Road Leads to Next

For now, video evidence captured by operators will only reinforce the educational approach the Córdoba initiative aims to deliver. In more concerning cases of speeding, distracted driving, tailgating, and other dangerous behaviors, TruCAM II video evidence may assist a more strict approach. All parties involved share the same hope that this will not be necessary.

BIGRS continues to seek out opportunities to make critical traffic safety tech donations to cities in need. From the BIGRS website, “Priority cities of the new BIGRS phase include Accra, Addis Ababa, Bengaluru, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cali, Campinas, Chattogram, Córdoba, Da Nang, Dhaka North, Guadalajara, Guayaquil, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Kampala, Kuala Lumpur, Kumasi, Maharashtra State, Mexico City, Mombasa, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Quito, Recife, Sao Paulo, and Salvador.”

LTI looks forward to keeping up with progress in Córdoba and other upcoming deployments of TruCAM II video speed gun devices.


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