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Sri Lanka Takes Action Against Speeding with Help From Laser Tech

By R Turriff, 10/25/16

The Southern and Katunayake Expressways in Sri Lanka are taking steps to minimize the increasing number of accidents that involve vehicles speeding. Over the past three months, the majority of accidents on these roads have been speed-related.

Although this was an increasing issue, there were not enough speed detectors to enforce the 100 kmph speed limit. The speed detectors they had also did not have the ability to sufficiently enforce speeds during the night.

Laser Tech Solution Helps Enforce Speeds in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka met with Laser Technology, Inc. to come up with a solution – the Blitz Software. With this, law enforcement can monitor speeds around the clock and instantly fine violators. The software works on a tablet along with the LTI 20/20 TruCAM®.

The system begins with an officer catching a violator speeding with the LTI laser. The information from the laser is sent to an officer at a different location, via existing 4G cellular wireless networks. This officer prints and signs the violation, stops the speeding vehicle, and provides them with the ticket. With the combination of the Blitz software and the LTI 20/20 TruCAM, officers can safely enforce speeds in areas that were not possible before.

Expressway Operation, Maintenance and Management Division Director, S. Opanayaka said:

“According to the new system, the errant drivers would be given a video clip of the over speeding vehicle at the exit point and no one would be able to escape.” 

The new system will be up and running within the next couple months.

Read the Daily Mirror Article: New System to Detect Speeding Vehicles on Expressways

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