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The Launch of Explosives: The Power Tool 

By T Nyland, 03/04/21  

Drilling and blasting are employed for civil construction work: rail, road, industrial construction, and residential, and resource extraction. Explosives play a large role in making a lot of the products we regularly use in our lives. Whether it is the energy from the oil, transportation from the metal, or medicines we consumer, have been made possible due to the use of explosives and explosive innovation. 


LTI Precision Hardware/Software Streamlines Blasting

On July 28, 2020, Explosives: The Power Tool dropped a new video, titled “Imagine a World Without Explosives.” This release includes a full-length video with individual chapter options for History, Statistics, Safety and Security, Technology, Products, Environment, and Careers. IME and ISEE collaborated on this joint initiative to educate the public, students, regulators, and legislators on the pivotal role explosives play in each of our daily lives, and the safety and security values within the industry, and how technology is advancing these even further. 

The video features Tamara Wiseman from RA McClure, a long-time partner of Laser Tech, using LTI’s high-precision hardware and software solution to help her ensure a safe and efficient working space and carry out tasks to plan, the first time. LTI solutions provide end-users with a more disciplined approach, along with increased blast design accuracy performed by the user.

This approach avoids much of the trial-and-error process that historically was needed. These new software programs can be used in conjunction with the programming of digital detonators, photogrammetry, 3D laser face profiling, bore hole tracking, seismic monitoring systems and data collectors. 

All of Laser Tech’s software and hardware is designed to be user-friendly for workers to confidently work with their mapping systems. Laser Tech’s 3D laser profiling systems are usually set up facing the front of the blast. After user-defined measurements are collected and recorded blast designers receive an accurate profile that is printed and then given to the blaster for each hole to be custom loaded that correlates to its actual burden. 

Mine Blasting Becoming Safer, Remains Dangerous

Performing mining job functions is challenging and dangerous work and is progressively becoming more difficult as mining is unavoidably occurring in more populated areas, closer to structures, and with continuous growing concerns about blasting effects on animals and utilities.

Read The hole story: the benefits of drill and blast on Engineerlive.com which features the following quote:

TruPulse 200X Laser Surveys A Potential Blast Site

“Some mines place little emphasis on generating an efficient drill and blast process, which can cause downstream complications. Several different areas contribute to blasting inefficiencies. Irregular hole placement can cause poor fragmentation that results in difficult digging for the loading equipment.

Inaccurate depths can result in uneven benches. Holes that are over drilled into the coal seam result in dilution of material into the coal. A misunderstanding of how hard the ground is can lead to a poor choice of explosive product for a particular blast.” 

Progress Continues to Build

Blasting Safety – Revisiting Site Security mentions that “significant progress has been made in reducing serious injuries and fatalities at mine blasting operations. Despite the progress, injuries and fatalities continue to occur.” The drill and blast process is an area where considerable benefits can be gained. To improve the safety of the operator and avoid surrounding mishaps, the advancements of technology have aided in improving the efficiency of the mining process and creating better-quality areas where explosive material is being handled. 

Explosives: The Power Tool may sound familiar, first developed in 1969 and originally titled Tools for Progress, Explosives: The Power Tool was last revised in 2007. The original vision was eventually expanded, and a new version launched in 2017. Manufacturers, distributors, and users of explosives provided extraordinary access to their operations and personnel, allowing the viewer with an inside look at the commercial explosives industry.  

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