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Product Testimonial – LTI Tech Simplifies Accurate Timber Measurements


Doug Allen started timber cruising in 1964 and eventually became a private consultant. To be more productive and profitable, Doug was on the hunt for forestry tools that could maintain a high level of integrity and still reduce the time it takes to collect reliable timber measurements. Doug purchased an LTI TruPulse® 360B compass laser for tree height measurements, GPS offsets, and boundary mapping. 

Laser Technology’s TruPulse 360 Rangefinder and Criterion® RD 1000 Provide Solution to Measuring Timber

“I test the TruPulse 360B all the time,” says Doug. “You have to calibrate the compass every day and set the declination correctly, but once I do that, it always gives me the right position when I do GPS offsets. When I shoot the same boundary tree from two different cruise lines, the GPS points are always nearly on top of each other on the map.” 

Doug also invested in an LTI Criterion RD 1000 BAF scope for in-and-out determinations and diameter measurements. “Without the RD1000, I couldn’t work as effectively as I do now,” explains Doug. “I trust it and think it’s very helpful in taking measurements quickly. I like it so much, I sold my Relaskop® and now have special pockets in my vest to hold both the RD1000 and TruPulse.” 

With the advanced features and intangible benefits found in LTI’s equipment, Doug is able to cruise an average of one million board feet per day. “I know there are a lot of timber cruisers out there still working with old-school tools because they are just not willing to learn new technology. I’m living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.” 

Read more and see how Laser Technology’s measurement tools can provide the solution you need in Forestry applications. 

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