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LTI Historical Moment – First Recreational Rangefinder

By M Phippen, 09/24/12

LTI partnered with Bushnell Optics in 1994 to create the first low-cost recreational rangefinder for golfing and hunting. We not only developed the technology that makes the distance measurements possible, but we also helped design the products themselves. Today, Bushnell is the most popular recreational rangefinder in the world, and LTI is still active in developing their next generation of products.

First Generation Criterion

Mike Phippen of Laser Technology Recalls Creating the First Recreational Rangefinder

This relationship, key to reducing the size and weight of both Traffic Safety and Professional Measurement line of instruments, allowed us to reduce costs proportionately. The old units weighed nearly five pounds but were indestructible!

When compared to today’s TruSpeed S series as well as the TruPulse series weighing in at a pound, LTI once again raised the bar. We continue to leave the competition behind as it’s “Quality through Innovation and Dedication” with LTI.

A Legacy of Innovation

Laser Tech continues to add to the list of 64 laser and compass-based patents that we have been awarded worldwide. In the process, we have helped to revolutionize reflectorless measurement. First, this came by way of developing the world’s first commercial laser speed measurement device. This introduced precision speed detection via handheld devices to traffic safety enforcement professionals.

Another notable creation came when LTI created the Criterion, the world’s first reflectorless handheld total station. These flagship products would pave the way for modernized photo/video laser speed guns and the world-renowned TruPulse line of handheld and professional-grade laser rangefinders. While each design is inspired by our drive to further boost the safety and measurement efficiency of professionals all over, real-world needs continue to change and evolve with every day. We lean on our ability to innovate as LTI continues to lead the way in laser mapping and measurement technology.